DWE Weekly Bulletin

Friday, 2/19/16

Building Open Saturday!

We will open the building this Saturday, 8am to 4pm.

Upcoming Events Monday, February 22nd - Friday, February 26th

Mr. Tompkins for announcements; Gold week in the library; Sub Appreciation Week; Academic Collaboration - Kinder, 5th & 4th

Monday, 2/22 - Rotation Day 1; I-station 7:45am; Challenge; Dr. Phillips' pulls groups; Admin Meeting 9:30am; AP Meeting 10:30am; Lego Club 3:45pm; Team Leader Meeting 4pm

Tuesday, 2/23 - Rotation Day 2; Academic Collaboration - Kinder; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; I-station 7:45am; Challenge; Sacred Planning; School Store During lunches; Tuesday Topic 4pm; ASD - Casarez; Science Fair 5-7pm

Wednesday, 2/24 - Rotation Day 3; Academic Collaboration - 5th; Eagle Drummers 7:15am; Sacred Planning; Drama Club 3:45pm; ASD - Elliott

Thursday, 2/25 - Rotation Day 4; Academic Collaboration - 4th; 3 Hour Detention - Kellen; Eagle Art Crew 3:45pm; Vertical Team Meetings 4pm

Friday, 2/26 - Rotation Day 5; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Drama Club 7:15am

Saturday 2/27 - Fun Run 7-8am Registration; the Fun Run begins at 8am

4th Grade STAAR Writing

As we do every year, we will be giving our 4th graders an encouraging letter with a gold pencil to help them on their STAAR test. We ask all staff members to sign it and cross your name off of the routing roster that is by it on the workroom counter. Please take a moment to do this before Wednesday, February 25th at 4pm.

Information from Susie Loyd about STAAR Training

I will be sending emails and calendar invites regarding STAAR training, information about STAAR or TELPAS, and any updates that are important to you regarding STAAR or TELPAS. Please review all emails and attend training to have a successful STAAR season. If you are unable to attend any trainings please contact me so we can get a make-up session scheduled. Also, if you have any questions regarding STAAR please don’t hesitate to ask.

At this time I need you to be aware of the following:

The Distribution of Test Materials module from TEA is the required module for 2016. As a reminder, all personnel who assist in any way with state assessment, are required to view this module and print the certificate at the end and submit to the CTC by Friday, March 4, 2016.

If you are a new teacher to our campus you must complete all 3 modules and print certificates for each module.


Staffing Updates

You may have noticed a couple of important changes.....Lauren Martinez is moving to the front office to serve as our Textbook Clerk and Aimee Krauss is moving to the back office to serve as our Financial Clerk. We are excited about the changes, and as always, your office team is here to support you. We will be putting in for a substitute for Lauren's position in PE until that position is hired.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedure Changes

Our goal is to remake, make over, alter, revamp and make a change for the better!

To ensure a safe and rapid drop off and pick up of our students each day, the following procedures have been developed. The cooperation of the entire DWE community is imperative for its success. We assure you this is not an act of change just to make a change, but to ensure a safe and productive means for students, parents and buses during our morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.

Starting Tuesday, March 1st, parent drop off and pick up will be in the back of the building. Buses will drop off and pick up at the front of the building. Our walkers and bikers will keep their usual method of entering and exiting the campus with moderate supervision. During arrival and dismissal times the entire front driveway will be used and cars will not be allowed to enter to drop off or pick up students. Adjustments during rainy days will be made.

Due to the new procedures, if you would like to change your child’s mode of transportation from walker to car rider or bus rider, please send a note to your child’s teacher or fill out a Change of Transportation form in the front office.


All buses will enter at the front of the building. Students will be dropped off and enter the building through the front doors. Small buses will continue to use the small circular drive. Parents needing to use the small circular drive will be given a special PASS that will permit them. Daycare buses will let out in the back of the building in the car rider line. Students arriving after 8:20am will need to be brought to the front entrance to check in through the office.

Early arrivals, I-station and Choir and Drama Club rehearsals will also enter through the back of the building.


All buses will park at the front of the building using the entire circle, pass the playground area. Small buses will continue to use the small circular drive. Parents needing to use the small circular drive will be given a PASS that will permit them.

Parent pick up will be in the back of the building using the same format as we currently use but with more pick up stations. As you exit the campus, parents are expected to turn right onto Crutchfield. There will be no left turn there during the arrival and dismissal times.

Tuesday Topic - Tuesday, February 23rd

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Thank you

Susie Loyd for dedicating your time playing games with our students as a SOAR reward.

Adrian Luna for delivering the Principal's Chair to our studetns who earned it as a SOAR reward.

Sara Bergstrom and Kim Specksgoor for allowing us to use, and in the process rearrange, the library for two important meetings this week.

Betty Montilla and Debby Herrera for their dedication to our choir, drummer and chime programs through out the school year.

Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope For Heart donations end March 4, 2016.