by: katie and kaela

Types of motion

Projectile motion is one of the motions that is used in our ride. Another motion used is circular motion. You are going through twists and turns throughout the ride.

Types of forces

Gravitational force is one of the forces used in our ride. Gravity pulls you down the hills on the ride.

Another force included in the ride would be friction. You may be being pulled through twists and turns with gravity, but the friction the tracks when you stop, the brakes are pressing down on the metal of the tracks and stopping the ride.

Newton's laws of motion

Newton's first law of motion is applied when the ride stops, but you go forwards. The second law is used when there are many people on the ride because the more people, the faster it will go because of the more force needed to project the ride. The third law of motion when you are going up the first hill and the chain goes down and the cart goes up.