Thanksgiving Edition: Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

Principal's Corner

Hello families,

When I asked Siri for a definition of gratitude she shared: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

At this time of year I like to consider what I am grateful for and this definition brings some additional considerations. I have an image of the quality of being thankful. It is full of love and grace for self and others. It is giving and receiving. It is humble, compassionate, and open.

Then there is a call to do something. It is with “readiness to show appreciation” that we are moved to actively demonstrate that which we are thankful for; to do something to share our gratitude. There are so many small and bigger ways to show appreciation. Whether a heartfelt thank you, a hug, a note, a nod, a smile, a handshake, or an act in return. To follow with to return kindness. We could all use a little return to kindness don’t you think. We certainly have seen a lot with the recent needs following the floods. The community outpouring of support for our neighbors has been heartwarming.

At my Thanksgiving table (which will be a lot smaller this year), I will share my thankfuls, you among them. With hope that we can share the quality of being thankful, with a readiness to show appreciation for and to return KINDNESS.

Thank you BFPP Families!

All the best, k

Happy Thanksgiving! All schools: early dismissal Nov.24, no school nov. 25&26
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Homeschool 101: Getting to YES!! with Erin McCarthy

Tuesday, November 30th @12pm

This workshop, facilitated by BFPP teacher and homeschooler Erin McCarthy, will focus on the philosophical shift and home management techniques that support families in their role as primary educators. The intended audience for this workshop is families (adults) who are new to homeschooling and have chosen this option for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they feel in their hearts, heads, and bellies that this is how their child could best learn right now. Basically, we’ll be taking the energy of “Yayyy, I’m homeschooling!!” and addressing the “Well, now what?!”

Topics to be covered will be:

  • Empowering the educator inside me
  • Deconstructing “schooling” to promote “learning”
  • Using deep conversation and play to promote inquiry and development
  • Fostering independence in learning routines
  • Embracing the messy and normalizing uncertainty
  • Seeking mentors and establishing a support network

Enrollment is limited (capped at 20) to foster engagement and interaction, so please RSVP at

ZOOM link:

Community Thanksgiving for those Impacted by Flooding

Please spread the word that we are having a free Community Thanksgiving 2021 to ALL flood victims and their community members! Come eat and support those in need! We can all support each other together

The Smokestack Diner

210 West Main Street

Everson Wa

Day: November 25th

Time: 1pm-5pm

There will be a binder for flood victims to fill out stating their needs. The Red Cross will be handing out supplies

Lots of Highchairs so parents can enjoy eating

A kids craft table to ease their little minds

Lots of space will be available across the hallway from the Diner.


We can seat 500 people and would love to show you all an outpouring of love.

We are full on supplies and volunteers! Just bring yourself and family!

Community Holiday Resources

Check out information on community holiday supports on the Family Support Services page of the district website. Winter clothing resources are now posted. Details on the Community Toy Store and Toys for Tots with be posted when available.

Homeschool Ski/Snowboard

Dear Bellingham Family Partnership and Whatcom County Homeschool Community:

This note is to let you know that our family is currently in the process of organizing the 2022 Homeschool Ski/Snowboard Group. This group is in partnership with Mt. Baker Ski Area and takes advantage of the Mt. Baker Winter Ride Youth Discount Program to get participants up to the mountain mid-week to build skills in skiing and snowboarding. Many of you have participated in this program in the past and this year we are going to see if we can offer it for two separate weekdays (Thursdays or Fridays) for 4 or 8 (optional) consecutive weeks. Here are the details for the program this year:


  1. Ages 7-17
  2. Participant of Homeschool Ski/Snowboard Group


  1. Session 1: (available on 1 midweek day for 4 consecutive weeks)
    1. Thursday, February 10- March 3, 2022
    2. Friday, February 11- March 4, 2022
  2. Session 2: (optional: continued for another 4 consecutive weeks= 8 weeks)
    1. Thursday, March 10- March 31, 2022
    2. Friday, March 11- April 1, 2022
  3. Lesson Times:
    1. 9-11am each day for 4 weeks
    2. Ski or snowboard lessons for abilities 1-6*
  4. Rentals and Lift Tickets:
    1. Lift tickets are valid all day on the 4 program days (necessary unless students have a Mt. Baker Season pass or are enrolled in the 5th Grade Free program)
    2. Rentals are valid all day on the 4 program days (not necessary if students have their own equipment)
  5. Online Registration will begin in early January 2022


  1. Lessons: $66 plus tax
  2. Rentals: $95 plus tax
  3. Lift Tickets:
    1. Child 7-11: $93 plus tax
    2. Youth Age 11-15: $134 plus tax
    3. Young Adult 16-17: $210 plus tax


  2. Contact Winter Ride Instruction at or 360-734-6771
  3. *Ability levels: 1—first timer, 2- has some experience, 3- comfortable beginner, 4- intermediate, 5- beyond intermediate, 6- advanced

If you are interested in having your child(ren) become a participant of our Homeschool Ski/Snowboard Group, please follow this link ( to provide the requested information by December, 1st. We will be adding your information to our “Participant Roster” and submitting our list of participants to the Mt. Baker office the following week. In January, you will be contacted to register online for the Mt. Baker Mid-Week Winter Ride Program using a discount code for our group.

**Please note that families are responsible for getting their child(ren) to and from the mountain. Additionally, we will be sharing an invitation to Slack—for those who want it—to organize ride-shares, gear-exchanges, and other community related information.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to another great year!


Erin McCarthy and Kris Shimkus

(Parents of Lincoln and Finn Shimkus)

Thank you!

Thanks for your support of BFPP's successful Mod Pizza fundraiser! We received $154 for our school to use for things like playground equipment, 8th grade celebration, and assemblies.