welcome to Libya

hopefully after you see this flyer you will come visit Libya

good things about Libya

some good things about Libya is it provides all its citizens with free education. the goverment provides newly married couples with houses or apartments. they are mostly good people just trying to get by.
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some fun things to do

some fun things to do are going to the beautiful beaches, museums, historical sites, and etc.


Why you should go to Libya

to go see the beaautiful beaches. also to go see the interesting and cultural historical sites. you should go to libya to see there culture and what they live by cause some people go there and like it so they move to Libya. you should also go for the experience of it to see what its like. to see the deserts and the scenery.

hot spots in Libya

one hot spot is Tripoli, Libya. another one is the ruins of the romans and greeks. also the deserts. the pictures below show the places I said.