Celebrating My Small Business!

Whoo Hoo!!!


I can't believe it either.

Just a mere 2 yrs ago, I started this business by taking a leap of faith. I could only hope that it would help me share all the passion I have within in the fight against Breast Cancer. To say that it has done that and so much more is an understatement.

I'm ready to share and celebrate with you!

It's the holiday season and what better time than this for me to share the joy, thankfulness and appreciation of your support.

Join me as I celebrate all that my small business has brought into my life.

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#SDJOY!! This doesn't even touch of what has happened in these 2 years. All the wonderful women that I've met through hosting and styling as guests, clients and hostesses not to mention the amazing women on my team! Having the opportunity to travel to locations that I wouldn't gone to other than for my business.

I have formed new friendships, built and continue to develop relationships with them. My business has afforded me to meet some of my personal goals that benefit my family and I. The opportunity to attend my very first HOOPLA, just took my breath away. So many women owning their businesses and taking them to new heights, inspired me to DO more! Making those face to face connections with those that I'd only see and chatted with via social media, was priceless.


To celebrate, I'm having a get together!!

Something to share my joy with my friends!

A chance to come together before the business of the holidays and all the parties.

So I'm sharing with you this invitation to join me for fun, games, treats and chance to catch-up. There is no way that I'd be able to achieve this without you, so this is for you too!

Nov. 24th @ 7 PM is the date and time.

RSVP for the venue details.

Yes, they're will be shopping, goodies, treats and drinks as well.

I can't wait to share with you all that you've helped me accomplish = #SDJOY!