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Audrey couloumbis

Big city new Yorker's are full of secrets.....


One day casey's step-mom went missing , casey went looking every where for her for a long time. She realized that she probably ran away with her boy friend, so she knew she had to be responsible on to living by her self in new York city.
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i read this book for a book report for school, i just picked it from the school library because I liked the cover. I wasn't expecting it to be that great, but it actually was pretty good. It was a real page turner and was interesting. I'd recommend this for anyone, it's a really short read because you'd finish it without ever putting down since you started! -unknown
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My review

My thoughts about this book was how scary it will be if you had that type of parent that just left you with out saying goodbye. It really gets you thinking about if that did happen to me or someone else you would have to figure out what to do and be an adult and how it relates to a real problem. So that's a great book to think about and how it grabs your attention quickly. -Kelsey knippa