September Newsletter

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Here is what's going on in Ambassadors for the month of September

The first full month of school has started and so has Ambassadors, here's some things and events that you may want to know


The Marketing Team designed a great photo to use as your Facebook cover photo to promote Student Ambassadors!
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Speaking of Recruitment....

Nevada Student Ambassador Recruitment

Recruitment is in full swing

Here are some important dates for recruitment for the month of September! And as always wearing your AMBY gear is always incouraged


Tuesday, Sep. 15th, 11am to Thursday, Sep. 17th, 2pm

Hillard Plaza

Reno, NV

Help recruit some new faces to the organization!


Tuesday, Sep. 22nd, 11am to Thursday, Sep. 24th, 2pm

1664 North Virginia Street

Reno, NV

Help recruit some new faces to the organization!

Campus Relations

Thank you to everyone who came out for Dorm Storm!

And everyone's personal favorite has started!!! The return of the Ambush Flag Football! Games are on Thursdays starting at 9:00 come support your fellow AMBYs and cheer on our team!


Thanks to all who came out to the Yogurt Beach fundraiser, but really who would say no to fro-yo?

Beat UNLV shirts are going start to be sold by tabling the 14!! Get excited and get everyone in some Beat UNLV swag.


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So the first Tradition of the semester has already happened! The AMBY sunrise was a success even if the sun did not get the memo...

Beat UNLV Week

  • September 28 Cook the Rebel BBQ
  • September 29 Get the Red Out Blood Drive
  • September 30 Pizza with the Players/Moon Off
  • October 1 Wreck the Rebels Country Concert & Beat UNLV Car Smash
  • October 3 Beat the Rebels Tailgate


How well do you know your tour partner? Submit your responses to

Send up to 2 tips for 1 point. We will accept tour tips until October 29th. Stay tuned for the new member training info happening next month.

Community Outreach

Little Kids, Big Dreams is September 28th leaving at 8:30am

Fun Stuff Happening!

Reno Air Races are the 16!

There will be a Pub Social on Friday September 25!

Hannah Nagy is the September AMBY of the month!!!

  • she did dormstorm, friday fest, and she woke up at 5 in the morning to come to commencement that wasn't even required for her.
  • Hannah Nagy went to WORK at Friday Fest! She talked to a ton of people, and she put AMBYs in a really good light to people who had misconceptions about the organization and did an amazing job of explaining what exactly AMBYs is all about to passerbys, even though she's new. I'm excited to have her in the org and excited to see what she does with it