The Perfect Florida Adventure

Our BIG End-of-the-Year Florida Studies Project

You are the guide.

You will be using (this site) to create your perfect Florida adventure that will give who ever follows your guide an understanding of the real Florida. By now you are all Florida Studies experts and will have no problem navigating our rich state to create an unforgettable "Florida" experience.

What is REAL Florida???

While Disney, Universal, and Sea World are important parts of Florida's history and economy, when we talk about REAL Florida we are talking about the path-less-traveled, the hidden history, the "locals only" knowledge that we now know as Florida Studies scholars. When you plan your travel guide, these elements of REAL Florida must be included:

  1. Florida History : dates and information from three different time periods we covered must be included in your sites. (These are listed on the brainstorm and planning sheet)
  2. Rich Culture: three examples of Florida's culture (unique multiculturalism, international influence, food, languages, art, music and way of life) must be included and explained in your adventure.
  3. Natural Beauty: three examples of Florida's natural beauty (animals, plants, geology, wildlife, landscape, weather, climate and natural features) must be part of your Florida travel experience.

create your perfect adventure

Your Florida Experience Will be 5 Days and Include:

At least one:

  • State Park
  • Museum
  • Random Fun Day (water sport, arcade, sports game, beach day, unique shopping experience, etc.)
  • Historical Site
  • LOCAL Restaurant (Chipotle is from Colorado and chains like Cheesecake Factory are not local)


The following experiences may NOT be part of your experience:

  • Disney, Universal, MGM, Sea World, Miami Sea Aquarium, or Busch Gardens

Email me with questions and check out the sample guide I created ;)