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Well-Proven Exercises To Build Muscles

Usually, the main emphasis is to work with the gastrocnemius muscle, as it is slowly growing. Why is it so difficult to achieve the required volume of precisely these muscles? The thing is that they are more adapted to other large loads, especially in people who spend a lot of time on their feet and engaged in daily transferring small packages. They are also quite flexible, because there are a higher percentage of weight stringy fibers relative to the total weight responsible for endurance. Besides the actual muscle fibers in the muscle tissue is much greater. Yet, some athletes can achieve a harmonious volume of surae muscle relative to the total body. Anatomically these muscles driven ankle joint and are involved in the knee joint. There are several well-proven exercises available with which this problem is solved. They must make at least 1-2 times per week, especially when the other muscle groups are in the recovery stage. For example, squats with weights at a low pace. Since the calf muscle consists of two beams operating at intelligence and breeding socks (you can observe yourself), and then must work respectively in 2 positions. Such squats should be no more than 10 for one approach. Also works well flexion-extension in the supine position on a special simulator, where the heel is slid under a special post.