CC & CO Fall Preschool Focus

Dancing Diva Class

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Skills your dancer has been working on...

  • Dance Manners: Thumb up for good dance manners! :)
  • Stretches: Pike, Straddle and Butterfly
  • Pointing and Flexing our feet. Add in hands for an extra challenge
  • Body Isolation: Head, Shoulders, Hips
  • Ballet Positions: 1st and 2nd in parallel and turned out
  • Plié, Relevé, Passé, Tendu, Chassé, Echappe
  • Ballerina Walks
  • Starting port de bras, which is movement of the upper body and arms.
  • Skips
  • 5, 6, 7, 8 DANCE! (ready-set-go)


  • Please remember to have your dancer visit the restroom before class
  • Hair pull backed out of face
  • Proper dance attire
  • No extra toys for dance class!
  • December Parent Observation: Dec 14th- 19th