100 year war

by Evan Pasley


I know the first things you are going to ask, what is the 100 year war or was it really 100 years . No it wasn’t 100 years. The 100 year war was when England and France were fighting over the French throne. I Know the next question you are going to ask, what is the French throne? If you want to find out what the 100 year war was, how long it was,and what the French throne is than read this page.

How it begain

Well, first things first you want to know what the French throne is well then,the french throne is a line up of male descendants. Now how it began. Let’s go to the past ……………………….Well let me catch you up on what has gone on Charles the IV was the king in the French throne and died without a son. England decided Edward the lll should take his place. Well France hated that idea. Not like how kids hate Brussels sprouts, like really bad. Any who France started a war because of that. Really stupid right,Well why not just ignore them and not have a war. I am glad that this war happened so I can write about it right?

During the war

A lot of people would ask how many people died. The answer is not that many. In the beginning of the war you would get captured and saved like in capture the cone. In fact it is very hard to kill a knight. With all the armor and weapons blocking it it is hard to even hit the armor and it is really hard to pears through medal. So really not many people should have died.Near the end they would kill any of the people they captured so near the end was when people should have died.The war lasted from 1337 to 1453.The war lasted an really long time.

After the war

The war had ended and England won. Which meant Edward the III was king of France. France actually surrendered. So If France didn’t surrender than France could have won! Because England won then the 100 year war didn’t have to be longer.


All in all the 100 year war was not 100 years. It was really 116 Years! England won. Edward the III became king of France.There was one problem, Edward the III had died during the war. France surrendered.Now do you know about the 100 year war.