Jr. Journal

Norfolk Jr. High

Lamb Follows Owner to School

On the morning of April 28, 1957, Mary Tweetle arrived at school with an unexpected guest, her lamb, Fluff. She claims to her teacher, Lorilie Bubb, that she must've not locked the door to her bedroom tight enough, and that she had already walked all the way to Dream Big Elementary School before she had noticed her beloved pet was with her. Lorilie must have accepted Fluff as a student because all of Mary's classmates said that Fluff was the "class clown" of the day by playing games, making jokes, and dancing funny dances. Though Mary's mother, Kathy Tweetle, thinks it's a disastrous idea, Lorilie and Mary have convinced Kathy enough to let Fluff come to Dream Big Elementary School regularly with Mary. More to come on this riveting tale.

Ever Heard of a Giant Hamster?

The capybara is not only the biggest kind of “hamster,” but is actually the largest rodent living on Earth today. This fascinating animal may seem like it could be endangered, and some people believe they are, but these creatures are living life to the fullest and are the least of our worries. Even though this may seem a frightening creature, the capybara is realistically a very social animal. They love to be with others of their kind, and adore having the company of a caring owner. In order to be a caring owner, you would have to give your capybara a tip-top habitat. To do this, you would need to live near open water. This water isn’t just for drinking, it's also used for swimming! A capybara can actually hold its breath underwater for up to five minutes for hiding. You would also need to have dry land with non-toxic grassy areas. If there is one thing not to do as an owner, it is not to be like the Brazilian hunters back in 1969 who would kill the loving creatures for their skin covered in rough, auburn fur. These hunters weren’t the only predators of the capybara. They had about ten that they had to keep an eye out for. Capybaras have such sharp teeth, they should have just bitten the merciless hunters and other attackers. Even though they have these teeth, they rarely bite humans. Their name, capybara, actually translates to “one who eats slender leaves.” A capybara mother would have up to four or five “pups” in one litter. The lifespan of an average capybara is seven to ten years. That means seven to ten years of pure happiness for an owner! A fully grown capybara would normally be around 108 pounds, and the record is 200 pounds! If you didn’t find fun facts about a “giant hamster” fascinating, I don’t know what will interest you!

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park, in my opinion, was the top action movie of 1993. This PG-13 flick is absolutely great for a family movie night, as long as the kids are above thirteen of course. The characters played by Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Joseph Mazzello, and Ariana Richards show in the movie that anything can be achieved with teamwork. This suspenseful movie includes action adventures to the extreme, some remarkable love between family, and a dinosaur dreamland gone wrong. I would say that this movie is definitely worth viewing whether you're a dinosaur lover or not.

Jurassic Park Trailer


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