Prakash Poornan

Prakash Poornan Computer Expert

Prakash Poornan, Southern man

Prakash Poornan was brought up in the great state of Louisiana. At one point in his life, his family picked up and moved to the state of Tennessee. With roots like that, he is a true man of the south, or is at the very least quite familiar with the culture. For all of Louisiana’s culture and legacy of mixed influences, Tennessee is a place that is completely different, yet still decidedly Southern. Tennessee is known to many as the "Volunteer State," and it earned this nickname as a result of the War of 1812 during which many volunteer soldiers emerged from Tennessee, especially during the Battle of New Orleans. Tennessee is firmly entrenched with the history of this country, when during the Civil War, the state hosted both more soldiers for the Confederate Army than any other state, and more soldiers for the Union Army than any other Southern state.

Tennessee is deep in musical influences and played a critical role in the development of many forms of American popular music, including rock and roll, blues, country, and rockabilly. Today, they feature the major industries of agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.

Tennessee also features within its borders the famed State of Franklin. The State of Franklin was briefly an independent territory that had formed in modern Eastern Tennessee. Unrecognized and later incorporated into the State of Tennessee, Franklin is one of those little-known annotations to history.

Poornan is connected to both Tennessee and Louisiana, and travels between them frequently for leisure and to visit people that he came to know through his education.

Prakash Poornan – Traveler

Prakash Poornan is a man who loves to travel. Born and raised in Louisiana, he has used his home state as a travel launch pad to destination after destination around the country and throughout the world. Whether by land, air or sea, Poornan has traveled and learned many great things along the way. Among his travels internationally, he visited a number of destinations in South America at one point, including Brazil and Costa Rica. Travel is always evolving, and the list of things that are necessary in an ever-shrinking world to have a successful trip is something that is always evolving as well. Prakash Poornan works on acclimating himself to his travel destination weeks in advance. This requires careful planning of where he plans to go, where he is staying, what sights and events he will take in, and much more. It also means learning local customs and perhaps a bit of the language. As the date gets closer he gets to packing what he will need for the trip, but first he reviews what items he will be allowed to bring in and out of the country so he can plan any purchases, transport of medicine and documents he may be required to bring along. Poornan also makes a point of traveling with the currency of his destination ahead of time, so he makes the time to visit a bank that can set him up with the denomination and type of money he will need, along with travelers checks and pertinent info about associated banks at his destination. Traveling around the country and around the world takes a little bit of planning for a best worry-free experience.

Prakash Poornan Public Programming Fan

Prakash Poornan is a big fan of public programming. While other people may feel frustration with the fundraising telethons that air featuring a major act in the program only to be interrupted by a toll-free number and a pitch for donations, it doesn’t bother Poornan. He is a supporter of these causes, he gets the box set, the special edition with the DVD, the complete CD with liner notes, whatever they are offering - he gets it. That’s because Poornan values the tremendous resource that is public television, and he in fact supports public radio as well for the very same reasons. Poornan feels that the product is one of great informational quality, and that stands out in a sea of knockoff reality channels, non-stop commercialized programming, and fare that is suited for particular audiences that are looking for material that suits their interests rather than that of the community. He feels that public programming like NPR and PBS fill that gap and thus he supports them in any way possible.

Poornan has put both his time and money where his mouth is, and in addition to discussing his passion for public programming, he has contributed time to fundraising efforts in support of PBS in the past. Fundraising, wherever you are at in the program, can be difficult. Sometimes it is the people you see on television, manning the phones and taking pledges but a lot of times the action takes place off the screen. This kind of work can be both discouraging and rewarding at the same time, the hours are long, the calls dwindle, but the camaraderie of the teams supporting the cause and putting together the efforts along with the wins that are had along the way are worth the efforts for Poornan.

Prakash Poornan - Dedicated to Community

Prakash Poornan is one of those ‘unsung heroes’. He is a man that often dedicates himself to a number of causes that help his community. A fundamental part of Prakash Poornan’s motivation to participate is a focus on what it means to be proactive in the support of great causes. One of the causes Poornan supports is the American Red Cross. Poornan has witnessed how this humble, storied organization has stood fast with the needs of people in the wake of natural disasters right here in this country and also around the world. He is dedicated to the cause and follows their efforts around the world and throughout the year.

Prakash Poornan has also witnessed the international response that The American Red Cross invokes when there are international crisis that require our help. Poornan supports these efforts in its many forms and recognizes the impact that the American response can have in these global affairs. The Red Cross is involved in medical, safety and feeding of people in many incidents, and the service it provides actually dates back to two centuries ago when Clara Barton founded the organization in 1881. Today, there are many branches of the organization around the world with a decades-long trail of assistance and humanitarian efforts in their long storied history.

Prakash Poornan encourages everyone who can to donate to the American Red Cross. He also very vocal about his support for the organization and all the important work they do. He feels that if more people recognized how critical the cause was that support for it could flourish. These are important notions to Prakash Poornan as he feels the American Red Cross and other organizations around the world are more in need now than ever, especially in the wake of major disasters and areas of conflict.

Prakash Poornan loves to travel

Prakash Poornan loves to travel. He has spent time traveling throughout the United States and South America. He enjoys seeing new things and experiencing new cultures. Traveling to Brazil was a great experience, and he knows that anyone traveling to Brazil should be ready to learn. There is so much history and great places to go that someone could spend a lifetime doing so.

Prakash Poornan: The Role Model

Prakash Poornan demonstrated a wealth of great qualities and traits rare in the office environment. Among them, Poornan continued to consistently show that he had the people and technical skills necessary to become a leader within the Microsoft community. Over time, Poornan's understanding of Microsoft's products grew, along with his understanding of both the people who consumed the products, and the ones who created them. It wasn't long before Microsoft promoted Poornan to manager of a team of his own technicians, ones whom he would personally oversee their training and development. Over that period, people seemed to naturally gravitate towards Poornan, looking to him for advice, whether about work or home life. Truthfully, people began to admire Poornan for his dedication and discipline. Not only that, Poornan took a humble approach to his new position as team leader, and never asked someone to do something that he would not, because Poornan understood the importance of leading by example.

As Prakash Poornan's popularity grew, so did his reputation. Poornan quickly became the go to person for any problem that would arise in the office. With Poornan's patient, understanding demeanor and extensive knowledge of the field, he became a respected and well liked associate among his colleagues. His co-workers and underlings alike looked up to Poornan. His model of solid character and extensive understanding of his craft made Poornan both a natural leader and mentor. One that could help guide his team through the most precarious of situations, in, and out of the office. Poornan contributes much of his social success to patience, as he says that a little goes a long way.

Prakash Poornan: The Super Employee

Prakash Poornan has excelled in many aspects of his life, his career is no exception. One of the most coveted awards in any office setting, is the Employee of the Month accolade. Poornan set his sights on this award since day one of his employment at Microsoft. As a man of action, once Poornan wants something, he sets out to get it. Though Poornan had already begun to exhibit signs of being an exceptional employee, he knew that just being good was not enough, he had to be more dedicated than anyone else at Microsoft. He had to distinguish himself from the crowd.

Prakash Poornan quickly realized that the best way to do that was with a good work ethic. That in mind, Poornan dove into the latest assignment given to him with an unrelenting zeal. When all the dust settled, Poornan had completed the enormous five month project in only three and a half! A feat that demonstrated remarkable fortitude, discipline, and knowledge in the field. Poornan wowed Microsoft heads with his work ethic, and they awarded him with the much desired Employee of the Month. In a company as large as Microsoft, with much stiff competition, Poornan understands the importance and rarity of such an award, as Microsoft could have chosen so many other employees, but they chose him. Not taking the honor lightly, Poornan would continue to be a prime example of a good employee, paving the way for other technicians such as himself to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Prakash Poornan: An Investor in Education

As a learned man, Prakash Poornan knows that a proper education can, and often is the difference between success and failure in the world at large today. As such, Poornan knows that any investment in education, is also an investment into the future. That is why Poornan allocates both his finances and free time to organizations such as In today's modern world, television, internet, and all other manner of digital media powerfully influences the youth of the technology generation. That is why Poornan chose PBS, a non-profit education based broadcasting company, to invest his hopes for the future in. Poornan knows that in order for PBS to provide high quality, enriching programs and content to children, they need a solid financial backing.

Prakash Poornan has helped to host numerous fundraising events for, including raising awareness for PBS itself, and the services it attempts to provide. Poornan also utilizes his understanding of cutting edge technology and computer programming to help PBS make the difficult transition from being solely television based, to having a strong online presence. Poornan does this because he knows that establishing a strong and stable online fan base is pivotal in the modern age to a program like PBS's success. By providing a helping hand, Poornan invests in a proper education for children, and hopes that PBS will spark an interest in learning to the generations to come. Children are the future, a fact Poornan knows well, that is why when he invests in organizations like PBS, to help ensure that it's a bright future, one that understands the value of knowledge.

Prakash Poornan: The Adventurer

Prakash Poornan may spend most of his time at work indoors, but don't let that fool you. Poornan has been instilled with a sense of adventure that most others in his field lack. Poornan loves to travel, seeing the world has always been one of his dreams since he was a child. Poornan knows how rich and diverse the world is, full of awe-inspiring landscapes and interesting people and cultures. That is why it has always been one of Poornan's aspirations to explore. One of Poornan's favorite quotes about travel comes from none other than St. Augustine, who said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” As an avid reader as well, Poornan knows the importance of both a good book, and a good adventure. So though Poornan's work is often demanding and rigid, Poornan makes it a point to take time for himself for enrichment, developing and cultivating himself as a person, and becoming more aware of the world around us at large.

Poornan has traveled to his fair share of exotic locals, thanks both to his sizable income, and unparalleled interest in all manner of cultures and ideals. Some of these exotic locales include the mysterious Brazil, with its diverse culture and thick rainforests, as well as the beautiful Costa Rica, famous for its breathtaking beaches and stunning scenery. So though Poornan's future isn't certain, he knows that life is a road, and the one less traveled is often the most rewarding.

Prakash Poornan: A Man of the People

Prakash Poornan has always believed that structure and community are the foundations for a thriving economy, country, and even for the individual people themselves. Poornan understands that there are people out there that are in less fortunate positions than others, whose lives have not gone as well as they would have liked. Poornan believes that anyone who has both the good fortune, and ability to help those in need, that it becomes their moral obligation to do so. That is why Poornan spends much of his free time and money giving back to the community and people who have given so much to him. Poornan volunteers at several local churches throughout his quaint community in Oklahoma. Poornan enjoys volunteering there, as he gets to work closely with the children of the community. Poornan also donates and helps prep food for the churches as well, food that will help to feed those seeking both god, and perhaps just a warm meal and the comfort of friends. Poornan knows how crucial a support system like church is to the surrounding communities.

Prakash Poornan doesn't stop there either. Using his in depth understanding of computer software and hardware, Poornan helps to repair computers free of charge for families that can't afford it, or need to allocate their resources to more immediate needs such as food and clothing. Poornan hopes that through efforts like these he will help to instill a sense of good will towards all in communities that are both near and far.

Prakash Poornan: Computer Expert

Prakash Poornan is a computer expert who has a focus on products. He is certified in products and knows how great they are. He is an also a certified Window 8 Professional; certifications are not easy to accomplish. There are basically four levels of being a Microsoft Certified Professional.

The first Level is to be certified as a Microsoft Technology Associate. This level is often required as the base level people should have, for entry level IT jobs. This certification is a great way to validate the Microsoft skills you have as well since it is a credential recognized by the IT industry. There are three different tracks you can take for this level of certification, IT Infrastructure, Database, and Developer.

The next level of Microsoft certification you can take is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification. This is a pre-requisite for the MCSE expert level certifications offered by Microsoft. There are seven different tracks this certification you can take when you get your Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, Windows 7, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008, and office 365.

The next level of certifications is to earn become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. This is an important way that you can prove to future job prospects, or anyone else in the IT world that you can “build innovative solutions across multiple technologies” (Microsoft Website: There are eight Microsoft Certified Systems Expert certifications you can take including Server Infrastructure, Desktop Infrastructure, Private Cloud, Data Platform, Business Intelligence, Messaging, Communication, and SharePoint.

Prakash Poornan knows that there are lots of routes you can take when your are starting in IT. He also understands that in his experience, Microsoft certifications are a great option and one you should consider. Prakash Poornan has seen what it has done for many people and encourages you to get certified.

Prakash Poornan Classical Fan

Prakash Poornan is a big fan of music. Although he is a bit younger than most classical music fans, he still loves to listen to some of the greatest composers. He understands that while there is always someone left off he thinks these are some of the greatest composers:

• Johann Sebastian Bach died more than 260 years ago, and his musical genius is still an inspiration to many. He was very prolific and had more than 100 compositions throughout his life.

• Ludwig Von Beethoven was another one of the greatest composers. He has numerous compositions that have stood the test of time. He was a composer and pianist who lost his hearing and yet continued to compose beautiful songs.

• Frederic Chopin was another one of the greatest. His compositions include some of the most beautiful Piano Solos ever. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest pianists and piano composers that ever lived.

• Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a Russian Composer, who composed in many genres of music including operas, chamber music, sacred choral music, ballets, symphonies and concertos. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote the music to Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and the Overture of 1812.

• Another one of the greats was Giuseppe Verdi was not as well known is certainly one of the greatest opera Composers of all time. He is well remembered for Nabucco, Rigoletto, Aida, Don Carlos, Falstaff. La Traviata, and more.

There are many other great composers such as Vivaldi, Puccini, Stravinsky, Pachelbel, and may others. Prakash Poornan understands that this kind of incredible music as all too often been pushed aside but as people listen to it more, they began to realize how incredible it is.

Prakash Poornan Loves South America

Prakash Poornan loves to travel. One of the favorite places he visited was Brazil. Brazil dominates South American because it takes up the majority of the continent. It is the fifth largest country in the world. Prakash Poornan understands that there are many great things to do and see in Brazil so would urge you to not stress about seeing everything in one trip. Instead, just keep going back until you have seen everything you want.

Prakash Poornan knows that one of the greatest places to see in Brazil is Rio D Janeiro. Rio De Janeiro is great all the time but especially so during Carnival. During Carnival, a week before Easter, celebrations start on Saturday and last until Ash Wednesday. You may also want visit the Amazon forests. You could go to the largest city in the Amazon, Manaus. It is the entrance to the Amazon, and it was largely built up by the rubber barons.

Prakash Poornan knows that another great place to see are the amazing waterfalls, which are truly impressive. You can go see the Iguaca Falls, the Cachoeira da Fumaca falls, the Caracol falls, the Itaquira Falls, or more. These falls all have one thing in common, they are all breathtaking. Prakash Poornan knows that if you are feeling very adventurous and are set up with the right equipment and guides you can take the hazardous trip to see the Vachoeira de Araca falls, which is the country’s highest waterfall and is located in the Amazon.

Prakash Poornan Loves Memphis

Prakash Poornan was born in Louisiana. He lived and attended school there until his family moved to Memphis. Growing up in Memphis, Prakash Poornan knows that there is quite a bit to see and do for tourists in the area. While Memphis is always an incredible place to visit, the summer is very hot with high humidity. If you do not enjoy very hot whether then July and August should be avoided.

Once you get to Memphis, it is time to go see one of the most iconic places in the music history of the United States; Graceland. Graceland is just a short drive south of Memphis and anyone who gets the chance should go by and see Elvis Presley’s home. While you are thinking about music, you should also check out Beale Street. Many bars and clubs with live music, this street is known as the home of the blues. Prakash Poornan knows that the street closes to traffic at night, and people will be out partying with their drinks on the street.

After the music scene has worn you down you may want to go see the Mississippi river and relax at Beale Street Landing. It is also a great chance to go and see the National Civil Rights Museum. The museum was built out of the Larraine hotel. The Lorraine Hotel is the Famous hotel where Dr. Martin Luther King was fatally shot.

Prakash Poornan could remind you that you have only visited downtown Memphis. Outside of Downtown you still need to see Sun studio, the Pink Palace, Shelby Farms Park, the FedEx Forum, and more.

Prakash Poornan Louisiana Native

Prakash Poornan grew up first in Louisiana, and then his family moved to Tennessee. He also attended school in both states and so still feels a connection to them both. He still knows both states and would highly recommend them both for people looking for great places for vacation. When visiting Louisiana there is quite a bit to see and do

He knows that when you are in New Orleans you can see all the incredible history located in the French Quarter. The city is also very much revitalized and on its way to being whole once more. Although the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina can still be felt, Louisiana is definitely a state you should visit. New Orleans is coming back to become a top tourist destination once again.

Louisiana has more to offer than just the New Orleans. They also have Avery Island. Avery Island is home to the world famous Tabasco factory and wildlife preserve. The Island has 250 acres dedicated to the wildlife preserve, and it includes a bird sanctuary and subtropical jungle flora. To be clear Avery Island is not actually an island. In fact, it sits atop a salt dome. It is however close to being surrounded by water between rivers and creeks.

Prakash Poornan knows that when you are traveling to New Orleans it is helpful to be open and respectful. People have a different pace of life in Louisiana and a different way of treating each other. A kind person will have no problem getting along well. Being impatient or rude in Louisiana will often make people want to be disrespectful back.

Prakash Poornan: Avid Reader

Prakash Poornan is an avid reader and really enjoys nonfiction stories. Prakash Poornan knows that there are many books being released, which tell stories about lives of people, and he enjoys reading these. Some of the recent examples of this type of work that are well regarded are:

Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital By Sheri Fink. Sheery Fink is an Investigative Journalist who writes an account of the five days immediately after Hurricane Katrina, at Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans.

Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery by Robert Kolker examines the real life search for a serial killer who is still alive and stalking Long Island. The Serial Killer seems to target prostitutes from Craigslist, and the book takes the reader through that underground and unspoken of world.

• Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand is a book about the future Olympian Louis Zamperini. He became an Airman and then his plane went down. He survived only to face some of the worst of the Japanese POW camps. Laura Hillenbrand is also the author of the bestselling Novel and movie, Seabiscuit.

• Elephant Company by Vicki Constantine Croke is the story of Elephant Bill. Elephant Bill was an Englishman, who supervised and eventually protected the elephants of a Burma company. He eventually trained the enough to provide assistance of the course of World War 2.

Prakash Poornan knows that there are hundreds and hundreds of Nonfiction books out there to choose from, and Prakash Poornan would just everyone to find their passion and read.

Prakash Poornan Helps PBS

Prakash Poornan understands that one of the great resources the United States has is its public television and public Radio. PBS makes those great resources possible. He also understands that in an age of expanding technology and the large influx of people who want to access the PBS Services in other ways, it is important to make the same great programming and services available for many years on radio and TV, available online and in mobile format.

Prakash Poornan, as a result of that understanding, has donated his time to helping PBS in its fundraising efforts. Fundraising is not an easy thing, and it can be very discouraging. However, the help needed is so important that some people are willing to do what it takes to help. Prakash Poornan is one of those people. In some places, you can be hired to fundraise for PBS. That is a difficult job because it requires you to hit fundraising goals and requirements.

Prakash Poornan knows all that and still felt it was an important enough thing that he volunteered his time to raise money for Volunteering his time for a worthy cause is something that Prakash Poornan knows can be very fulfilling. Often when fundraising the smallest donation is appreciated the most because the fundraiser recognizes that a person does not have much to give, but they still do. The people giving have a belief in the same things about PBS that Prakash Poornan does and that is a great way to feel connected with your community.