In winter the water in clouds can turn into ice crystals.Precipitation is any kind of water that falls from the sky.Sleet is ice that melted and turned back into ice.Calafornias winter is very rainy.In winter trees loose their leaves.In winter the ground freezes.When it gets warmer the ground thaws out.


In spring seeds grow and start plants.Trees grow leaves and buds.There is more food for animals so they come out to find it.The birds lay there eggs.Arbor day is a special day in spring when people plant trees.


Summer is a part of the year when it is hot and humid.Summer is a time for huricanes wich is strong wind and bad storms put together.People go to camp in the summer to have fun.


Fall days are shorter than summer days.There are shorter hours of sun light.Fall starts the 22nd september and ends about december 20th.Halloween is in fall.Some trees leaves change color and fall off so plants can save energy.

Seasons around the worl

Seasons around the world are diffrent.They are diffrent because in summer the day goes on longer than other parts of the world. Here winter is shorter than summer .In winter the darkest day is when the sun is facing south as much as it can.