K Cornell News

October 9, 2015

We Enjoyed:

Math: We began Unit 2 Numbers 0 - 5. We made sets, graphed objects, learned to match one column to another, and worked from the story Baa Baa Black Sheep (Adapted by Yeap Ban Har). Number writing 0 - 20 is an end of the year standard in kindergarten. Please have your child change reversals, if they write a number backwards.

Science: All Things Apples… we had taste tests, labeled the parts of the fruit, watched videos about orchard life, and grafting apple trees to determine the species. We are moving onto Bats next week.

Social Studies: Christopher Columbus We learned about the explorer and how he wanted to prove that the earth was not flat. We talked about his three ships The Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. We used the globe to locate Spain and the islands near the Americas. We watched some videos on You Tube as well [https://youtu.be/oSJKoOaRZmE] On Thursday, we made handprint Christopher Columbus hats. On our ocean hats we stamped the year of the voyage ,1492.

Brielle's Birthday: We celebrated Brielle on 10/8

FireSafety: On Friday the Dobbs Ferry Volunteer Fire Department presented a fire safety and firefighter awareness program to the kindergarteners. Through the raindrops, we were even lucky enough to wear a helmet and spray the firehose! They donated some activity books, hats, and pencils to our students. We are lucky to have such a dedicated group of men and women in our town!

Coming up!

Next week we will move on to discussing autumn clothing, homes, and families. Please practice your home address with your child.

Fundations: In Fundations we continue to learn our letters in relation to their position on the skyline, plane line, grass line, and worm line. We have now covered t, b, f, n, and m. We have also focussed on the sounds of the letters and the picture that correlates from the chart in our classroom.

Writing Workshop: We are exploring stretching words to write the sounds we hear. I am encouraging "Your best work" as opposed to perfect. We have been reading label books, adding details to our pictures, and learning to listen to each other more carefully in our Share Circle. The writing paper we are using has a line for a sentence at the bottom. We are writing sentences with phonetic spelling that have a capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces between words, and a period or exclamation point at the end. We have many great writing pieces in our folders and I am excited to show them to you at the upcoming conferences.

Reading Workshop: In Reading groups, we are using early readers for many purposes. Some children are using them to listen to the pattern and identify a given letter, others are learning about setting and other groups are working on interpreting the twist at the end of the book in the illustrations. All of the groups are working on one to one match (touching a word when are reading it). Every child meets in reading group 3 times a week. Please send back to small books to school the very next day.

Trick Words: This week we introduces our first two of 27 words for your child to know with automaticity. I + me

Emergent Readers: We are finished with Will I Have a Friend and are moving on to Corduroy by Don Freeman. Please feel welcome to borrow these titles from the local library to give your child more opportunities to retell the story to you at home. Promote great details and rich story language.

Read Aloud: Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth

Play games on the site! www.juniebjones.com

Star of the Week: Our first star is Mona! 10/13 to 10/16 (A new star is picked each Friday.)

Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes, cards, cupcakes and flowers! I had a wonderful birthday!!! Yikes...42!!! Also thanks to Laura Distefano for PARP and Nadia Guirand-Jean for Brielle's classroom birthday celebration!


Mondays: Library books and sneakers for Phys. Ed

Tuesdays: Sneakers for Phys. Ed

Fridays: Sneakers for Phys Ed.

10/12: Columbus Day No School

10/24: Pumpkin Fair at Springhurst 10 - 3 (a PTSA Event)

10/28: Half Day for Students K, 1, &2 dismiss at 10:45 am. Please plan accordingly for the afternoon bus-stop.

11/3: Superintendent's COnference Day No School for Students