Police Patrol Officer

Kaden Krysa

What does a Police Officer do?

The specific duties of a police officer largely depend on where they are located. In large cities, officers are usually assigned very specific job duties or will be assigned to a fraud, murder, drug-trafficking, or rape unit. Each unit has a specific goal, and the officers within the unit are trained solely for that objective. Police officers in rural areas rarely have the opportunity to specialize in any given area of law enforcement. Due to the tendency for lower crime rates and the relatively small population, officers in townships, co-ops, and other rural settings handle any or all law enforcement tasks, from simple traffic infractions to child protection or murder cases.

School classes Required





Community Protection

Criminal Justice Assisting


Legal System

Physical Education



Carrer Research

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

A Police Officer must follow strict rules and responsibilities

Working Environment

As a police officer you will have a high level of contact with people

Almost always outdoors

Must be exact with their work

Preferred Job Skills

Good with kids and people


Job Outlook

Slow increase over 10 years at 4.4%



5 important skills and abilities

Speak clearly so listeners can understand.

Listen to others and ask questions.

Understand spoken information.

Understand written information.

Read and understand work-related materials.