Hosp Headlines

All The News For Hosp Elementary

Staff Update

Please welcome Caroline London! She will be our art teacher and brings a wealth of experience to the table!

PLC Conference

Last week a few of our staff attended the PLC Conference in San Antonio. It was a great learning experience that we can't wait to bring back to Hosp Elementary.


Building Update

Office furniture is being completed this week before they move on to the classrooms. Once the furniture is complete technology will begin installing. The school should be done and ready for you to move in at some point next week!

*Please do not go up to the building! We have been asked to stay out until this is complete!!!! I will let you know when you have the green light to start moving in.

This Friday!

We are still on for a staff and PTA, Hosp House Warming this Friday at 9:00. Kids are welcome. I hope to have shirt samples available to order and PTA will do the same.

Instructional Team Leader on Monday

We are scheduled to have our instructional team leader on Monday from 8-4. We have a lot to discuss and most of your questions will be answered during this time. We will meet in the library.

New Teachers/New to Frisco

The week of August August 4th is a busy week for our new staff. August 4th is the new teacher breakfast at Dr. Pepper Arena and they get to hear speaker John Seidlitz. August 5-8 our new teachers have a variety of training on the campus and in the district. The campus training will take place in the Hosp library in the afternoon. Please be mindful of this if you are moving in during that time.

New teachers schedule for this week:

August 4- New teacher breakfast/speaker

August 5- District PD in the morning/ Hosp Technology Training in afternoon with Kayla

August 6- District PD in the morning/ Curriculum Training in afternoon with Michelle

August 7- District PD in the morning/ Procedures/Hosp Policy in afternoon with Aaron

August 8- Beginning teacher academy/ PDAS