Campus Walkthrough on 9/25/2015

With Executive Director Adrian Luna ~10:15-10:45AM


  • Halls were clear
  • Staff members were friendly and inviting
  • Majority of the students were working on the assignments placed before them


  • Why were some doors closed and locked?
  • Why did some students have their heads down in classrooms?
  • Were teachers showing full videos or snippets?
  • Why were 1-3 students on cell phones in random classes (taking selfies, appeared to be texting while other students were working without phones)
  • What was going on around the campus that took the hall monitors out of the hallways?
  • How are students actively engaged in the learning process, specifically on Fridays?

Modifications (Ideas from Admin Team & Instructional Coaches)


  • Implementing the lesson cycle with time-limits for each section
  • Engaging students throughout the learning process
  • Planning with purpose and intentionality
  • No viewings of a media resource longer than 10 minutes
  • If media resources are used, they must have a direct link to the objective of the day and student responses are required


  • No cell phones used the first 15 minutes of class, unless it's needed for the entire class
  • Doors must be opened no later than 5 minutes after class begins/tardy bell
  • Do not lock doors if you have to close your door during hallway transitions
  • Stations/Walk Patterns for Monitors

Next Steps

Administration & ICs

  • Professional development on purposeful planning, lesson cycle, & student
  • Monitor instructional and operational modifications


  • Implement modifications immediately
  • Ask questions or seek input from administration & ICs if they are having trouble implementing the modifications