Don't do it!

Lesson Time!

Today, we will be talking about drugs. There are bad and good drugs, harmful and beneficial drugs. Drugs could be substances used in medicine or it could be a substance that is illegal and/or harmful used for pleasure. So, hang on tight 'cause this is just the beginning.

Harmful Drugs

Beneficial Drugs

Over-The-Counter Medicine

Over-the-counter medicine is medicine that you can buy without a prescription. They are safe and effective if you follow the direction written on the label. Pain killers such as Advil and Tylenol are examples of over-the-counter medicine.

Prescribed Medicine

Prescribed medicine is a medicine that a doctor as given to a patient saying what to do. Prescribed medicine is often very strong and because it is strong, they can't be bought normally over-the-counter at a pharmacy. Steroids is an example of a prescribed medicine.

How do we know about these drugs?

You hear and see them everywhere! Through news, music, music videos, commercials, billboards, television, magazines, restaurants, the internet, movies, friends, teachers, and family such as your siblings and parents.

Why would people use drugs?

Curiosity; influenced by celebrities, boredom, trying to cope with problems, stress, depression, and peer pressure; having the need to fit in.

How can we stop the use of drugs?

1. Be around positive people

2. Surround yourself

3. Be involved with people

4. Talk to people such as teachers, parents, siblings, and friends you can trust

5. Talk to a counselor

6. Go to ... kidshelpphone

If you are around negative people, you will become negative.

"You can't be successful in school if you're taking drugs"

~ Mr. Smalldon, our teacher

By: Dorothy Wu