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The Many Ways of Seeing 2016: Activating Heartfulness

With the new year and a fresh start comes a desire to do something different. What do you plan to challenge and motivate your students with this month? Maybe you are considering activating more mindfulness practices into your classroom. Short practices of relaxation to focus in on the work ahead and give students the opportunity to put their own practice into action. What goals do you plan to set both small and long term in this area? Once we build our students' capacity to gain confidence with smaller steps, then we use the momentum to expand further academic goals. What will be a personal and professional goal for you this month?

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Professional Expectations


Grades must be completed by February 3rd 2016. Please have your grades entered into PTG and grade verifications printed by the close of school. The last transfer of grades from PTG to PowerSchool will occur February 3rd at 2:30 PM. All corrections beyond that time will need to be completed in PowerSchool with a grade change form to Mrs. Rifield.

Duty Responsibilities; Second semester duty assignments in Ms. Berner's 1/28 email and located on S-drive } faculty } calendar 15-16 } second semester duty.

Schedule Corrections: Students have until Feb. 11 for course change requests. Schedule correction forms are only granted on a limited basis for credit purposes during the lunch period. See Mr. Love's 1/28 email for more detailed information.

SLO: SLO #2 pre-assessment and post-assessment are due to DC's by Friday, February 12.

SLO#2 pre-assessment data, selected student group, and SLO#2 documents are due to Ms. Berner for pre-conferences on February 18 – February 23.

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LIVE Binder Resources

Includes major instructional resources, educational articles, and lesson plan sites/blogs; it will be continuously updated throughout the school year:

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