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Wednesday 25 May 2022

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Pakari - Resilience

He toka tū moana: As durable as a rock pounded by the surf

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Macleans Primary School Community

Hi Everyone

Hello Macleans Primary School Community! I hope everyone is having a great final week of May. Covid-19 found it's way into the Cooke household the other day, meaning I have been a household contact this week. If all goes to plan I will be back to school on Monday 30 May. If I contract covid-19 I will be at home for longer. So many of us have been affected by covid-19, as household contacts or having covid-19. It has certainly disrupted many of our day to day plans. It is important that we continue to support each other, play by the rules and seek help and support when needed. Macleans Primary School is always here to help, and I have definitely experienced that his week. Reach out to us if you need...Macleans Primary School is here for us all :)))

Please enjoy the newsletter which is packed full of 'Macleans Goodness' Macleans Information.

Nga Mihi.

Matthew Cooke

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•Wednesday 8 June

•MPS Notices and update at anytime

Handyman/Caretakers Assistant Needed @ MPS - 1 Day a Week

Macleans Primary School is looking for a caretakers assistant/handyman one day a week. If you are interested please get in contact with the Principal, Matthew Cooke:

Eagle Helicopter Landed at MPS on Friday 13 May

Did you see the Police Eagle Helicopter at MPS on 13 May? All the children and staff were 'blown-away' with the helicopter landing our own school fields! After it landed, each class had an up-close and personal with the helicopter and the pilots. Thanks NZ Police Helicopter! The Eagle Helicopter landing at MPS also featured in the Howick and Pakuranga Times. The picture here is from the Howick-Pakuranga Times and of R3, R3's Teacher Mrs Roux and Pilot Rob.

Hauora/Well-Being: A Message from Sparklers

We know many of you will be juggling the busyness of everyday teaching mahi with supporting your tamariki to get cross country fit and into their winter sports. Winter sports can be tricky… while for some tamariki it’s their time to shine, others would rather be anywhere else than on the running track or sports field. So, how do we strike a balance between supporting those that love it and those who really don’t? It just so happens that we have some ideas! In this issue we’re also sharing more updates on our whole school wellbeing hikoi… school sports and community connection has got to be in there, right? - The Sparklers team

Link HERE for more from Sparklers

Macleans Thunder Basketball

The Macleans Thunder basketball team have begun the interschool competition with a strong start. The team is competing in a term-long competition on Thursday evenings against other schools in the area.

The team for 2022 is: Sophie Michael, Kelly Michael, Autumn Simmons, Chanté Heyneke, Tom Li, Kayne Aukett, Franklyn Zhang, Divan Meiring, Jasgunn Kakkar, Raoul Alo (Coach)

The team have been practicing hard on Wednesday evenings with their coach Raoul, working on developing their basketball skills and working together as a team. Their hard work is already paying off, with them winning their first game 26-6, and their second 24-4. Keep up the hard work Thunder!

Health Consultation Coming Soon

Coming your way soon is the bi-annual Community Consultation Health Survey. Please take note of this as your voice is important and will help guide the Macleans Primary School Health Plans and Programmes for 2023 and beyond.

Theme Days @ MPS: Tomorrow & Friday

The classroom doors are flung wide open during two theme days tomorrow and Friday. Come and visit the school and your child's classroom and checkout the great learning that your child has been working on. Classes and teams will update you through your child's seesaw, but here are the details for now:

Y1 and Y2 Team Waiheke & Motutapu - Thursday 26 May from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Community heroes and sharing of learning

Y3 Rakino Team - Friday 27 May 11:45-1:00. Presentation of cultural interview questions, cultural dress up & shared cultural lunch

Y4 Rangitoto Team - Friday 27 May from 11.45 - 1.00pm. Presentation of 'cool country' reports & shared lunch

Y5/Y6 Kawau Team - Friday 27 May from 9-10:30. Presentation of research project, dress up & shared lunch

Enviro Updates: Annual Waste Audit

We have recently conducted our waste audit at MPS. We have done very well in reducing waste as we are moving more of our recyclables to bins and managing to get rid of more waste matter into the worm bins. We still need to ensure we are using the bins in the right way and put our waste in the 'correct' bin. We also need to come up with a plan to recycle our soft plastics.

Enrolments For Term 3 2022

We have a limited number of Out Of Zone Enrolments (OOZ) available for Term 3. The deadline for submitting an OOZ is Monday 13 June. Please download the OOZ form form the Macleans primary Website HERE or come to the office for the information. For more detail you can contact Sharon or Sally in the office or Principal Matthew Cooke.

Ministry of Education Survey: Share Your Voice!

You may be aware that changes to schools’ planning and reporting, as legislated in the Education and Training Act 2020, come into effect on 1 January 2023. Instead of a Charter, schools and kura must publish a three-year Strategic Plan, an Annual Implementation Plan, and an Annual Report. Schools and kura must work in partnership with their communities to develop their plans so they reflect local needs and priorities. Throughout May 2022 the MoE is undertaking initial engagement with boards, principals and school communities and to hear what people think the planning and reporting process should look like. Your views will help decide what should be compulsory as regulations versus what should be guidance, so that strategic plans are flexible enough to meet local needs. Macleans Primary Parents and Community are invited to complete the survey. Link HERE for the survey.

Get to Know MPS... The Senior Leadership Team

Angelique Wendzich - Junior School Deputy Principal. In Angelique's spare time she enjoys spending time with her grown-up boys and family. She can often be found on the Hauraki Gulf fishing with her husband! Angelique also loves rugby and finds it a challenge to support the right team, Springboks or All Blacks!

Matthew Cooke - Principal. Matthew likes to spend time with his 2 boys and daughter. He enjoys English football, ice hockey and baseball especially the Toronto Blue Jays!

Hazel Deutschmann -Y3 to Y6 2IC Deputy Principal. You will often find Hazel with her two daughters (one is a teacher!) and grand-daughter. Hazel and her husband regularly spend time at the holiday home on Bayly's Beach.

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No Phones at MPS

A reminder that children are not to bring phones to school. If you need to contact your child during the day, please contact the office by phone (09) 534-5191. The phones at school will always be answered between 9am and 4pm.


We don't have a MPS raincoat as part of our uniform, but please consider purchasing a plain raincoat for your child. With the rain in the winter months a raincoat can sure come in handy walking to and from school!

Wonderful Writing: School Holidays from Connor Belville R14.

Dear Mr Hipkins,

My name is Connor Belleville, I am a year 6 student at Macleans Primary School.

Have you ever thought that School Holidays at Primary Schools are too short? I am writing this persuasive argument because I believe that students at primary schools should have longer school holidays. I have written three important reasons that include Why it is unfair. If school holidays are extended, we will have longer recounts and stories, also we will have longer to prepare for the following term.

Firstly, students at Primary School’s spend eight to eleven weeks at school each school term. And only get a two to three week holiday. I believe that this is unstable and unfair because we only get two weeks in return despite the eight to eleven weeks we spend at school working. Therefore, students at Primary School’s should extend their school holidays to three to five weeks.

Secondly, if we extend our school holidays at primary school’s we will be able to do more activities such as travelling, bungee jumping, and visiting family and friends. Possibly leading to longer and more detailed recounts and stories, concluding in better results grade-wise and overall.

Finally, If school holidays are extended at primary school’s for the last weeks of the holiday, students will be able to have longer to prepare for the following term. Producing better quality of school work, resulting in better grades. Following with more education.

In conclusion, I hope this has convinced you to consider making school holidays at Primary Schools extend to three to five weeks. Please reply to tell me your thoughts on this issue. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Connor Belleville

School Policy & School Docs: Food & Nutrition

At Macleans Primary School, we promote a healthy lifestyle to our community – students, staff, and families – as part of our commitment to a safe and inclusive school environment and to the National Administration Guidelines. Educating students about nutrition and encouraging healthy active learning contributes to their personal success and wellbeing, and to a healthier community for everyone. Our school follows food safety guidelines.

We promote A healthy food and drink environment that helps support a young person's wellbeing (hauora), including their immediate physical and mental growth and development. It also helps establish positive behaviours for the future.. At Macleans Primary School, we:

  • Ensure that any food or drink provided by/through school (e.g. in class or sold at school) aligns with any national food and nutrition guidelines, such as the Ministry of Health's Healthy Food and Drink Guidance
  • Incorporate nutrition education across the curriculum, including the health programme
  • provide water as the only drink option for students
  • Encourage staff members to model healthy food and drink choices
  • Communicate our nutrition messages to the wider school community clearly and consistently in various ways
  • Acknowledge the diversity of our community and consider those with special dietary needs (including allergies and intolerances) with our nutrition messages and food provided or sold at school
  • Consider our nutrition messages when deciding on class rewards and celebrations, student prizes, special events, fundraising activities, and school camp menus
  • Actively promote physical activity as the partner of good nutrition
  • Encourage students taking part in physical activity (e.g. school sports teams, athletics groups) to drink water for hydration and to refuel with healthy snacks.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) 2022

Join us! The Macleans Primary School PTA would love to welcome any parents who can spare a moment (or more!) to help the school community. You don’t have to have to commit to regular meetings, you can simply be a friend of the PTA who we can call on for an extra pair of hands. If you have any questions about what the PTA does, or would like to help, email:

PTA Chocolate Fundraiser: 16 May to 2 June

Fundraising looks a little different for everyone in recent times. The PTA wish to make things as easy as possible for you all, while still being a bit of fun! To continue raising funds for the pool’s solar heating (and other fab resources for your classrooms) we’re kicking Term 2 off with an EPIC chocolate fundraiser. But not just the Whittakers’ my friends… we have FOUR options for you to choose from. We do require the boxes to be ordered and paid for in advance (via bank transfer or Kindo). After you receive your carry boxes, the chocolate bars/lolly bags can be sold for $2 each to your family/friends/colleagues, and YOU keep that money! You choose if you would like to pre-sell to your ‘customers’ (so you know how many boxes to order) OR you could order a box or two and run your own campaign later. Tips on selling to come soon! And yup, there will be PRIZES!


BANK TRANSFERS: After doing your transfer, please email with: child’s name and room number plus details of your order. Paper order forms being sent out soon.

KINDO: Orders will open ASAP, we’ll keep you updated!


#1 Whittakers Choc Bars

Each carry box contains a 30-bar assortment of Creamy Milk, Fruit & Nut, Berry & Biscuit, Dark Ghana, and White Chocolate - $60

#2 Chocolate Delight

Each carry box contains a 30-bar assortment of Nestle Kit Kat Chunky, Pixie Caramel, Milky Bar, Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Cream, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups - $60

#3 Mars Mix

Each carry box contains a 30-bar assortment of Mars, Snickers, M&Ms, Peanut M&Ms, Twix and Bounty - $60

#4 Luscious Lollies

Each carry box contains 20 bags. Each bag contains an assortment of Pascall Jet Planes, Wine Gums, Fruit Bursts, Sour Mix, Party Mix and Pineapple Lumps - $40

Community Fundraiser: Jump Rope For Heart

This is a fundraiser for Heart Kids. We aim to support a couple of charities a year through fundraising. It is likely that later in the year we will be supporting another charity with a fundraising event. More details coming soon.

Launch Day @ MPS: Friday 27 May

Practising Skipping Through MPS: Monday 30 May to Thursday 16 June

Jump Day: Friday 17 June. This is also a CAZH Day.

25 May Covid-19 Updates: Orange

There are no new updates for us at Macleans Primary School. We have all adjusted well to orange and the children are all focussing on their learning very well.

Want to know more? Go to 'Life at orange':

Repeat Message: DO You Have A Child Turning Five?

If your child is turning 5 in the next 12 months please ensure you enrol them as soon as possible. Our roll is steadily growing and we need to plan for classes and teachers during the year. Please collect your enrolment pack from the office, or email Sharon Waller in the office on

Repeat Message: Hunger Hut Is Open Every Friday This Term @ 8.30-8.50am and 3.00-3.15pm

How about a Friday treat for the kids? A $2 Friday treat for a donut, or perhaps popcorn or a small stationery items, or even some stickers? The Hunger Hut promotes an authentic shop experience for the kids, which includes the maths curriculum, as they use coins/cash only for their purchases.

Repeat Message: Macleans Primary School Entertainment Books

Do you use the Entertainment Book App? I used to use the paper copy but that is gone now and the app. is the only option. I recommend it for sure...great savings and offers that my family uses often. For each 'book' sold, we receive $24. If we could do 10O that would be $2400 raised for the school for resources.

REPEAT MESSAGE: Kindo is the MPS Online Shop Kindo and is Ready For You to Register

We are very excited to introduce our online Kindo school shop. Not only can you order your student’s lunch, you can now also pay for school camps, trips, purchase event tickets, register for sports and support fundraisers such as the PTA cupcake day, Easter Raffle and Krispy Kreme Donut Day.

First time users can easily create an account HERE. If you already have an ezlunch or myKindo account, you can click HERE to login. If you have an account from another Kindo or ezlunch school, you can login and update your details on the ‘my details’ page.

Need assistance? Phone helpdesk (8am- 4pm Mon. to Fri.) email or web:

1. Freephone: 0508 4 KINDO (0508 454 636)

2. Email:

3. Online support:

Dates For Your Diary

Thursday 26 May - Theme Days (see this newsletter and class/team seesaw notices for more details)

Friday 27 May - Theme Days(see this newsletter and class/team seesaw notices for more details)

Wednesday 1 June - Enviro Team @ Farm Ove Int. for 'Moth Plant Awards'

Friday 3 June - Teacher Only Day (school open for teachers only)

Monday 6 June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday (school closed)

Wednesday 1 June - R'Ready, Steady, Go' (.30)

Tuesday 14 June - Inter-school Soccer

Wednesday 15 June - Inter-school Chess @ Point View School

Thursday 16 June - Inter-school Soccer

Friday 17 June - Jump Rope For Heart Day

Tuesday 21 June - Board of Trustees Meeting

Thursday 23June - Learning Pathway Reports Home

Friday 24 June- - Matariki Public Holiday (School Closed)

Friday 8 July- - Last Day of Term 2

Monday 25 July- First Day of Term 3


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