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Leader update

May week 2 Leader check in!

Quick VOLUME check in! By end of day today, here is where you should be to be pacing perfectly on track to hit your GOAL. Remember, if you are ahead of goal....keep that momentum going by KUDOS, excitement and continued BOOKING BLITZES! Now is the time to be building momentum that will carry our businesses through the summer season!

Assoc Stylist 726TQV
Sr Stylist 1452TQV
Star Stylist 2903TQV
Assoc Director 5806TQV
Director 14,516TQV

Sparkling Pride is currently at 9655TQV with 3 qualified legs.

In case you missed it, Cindy Rodehamel and the RockSTARS are going for DIAMOND payrank again this month! What this means for us-- we primarily contribute volume for Cindy. A few of you have asked me about this so I wanted to try to explain in an easy way! Here is how we fit in:

Cindy Rodehamel (Diamond Director)

Regina (Gina) Khalifa (Star Director)

Allyson Houchen (Executive Director)

me! (and hopefully you know how you fit under me! if you don't please ask!)

Anyone under Gina is considered part of that "leg". The highest ranking stylist on that leg contributes to qualifications for the RockSTARS to hit Diamond. One Star Director leg is needed, so if Gina does not hit Star Director, but Allyson does, that still counts for Cindy.

Sparkling Pride counts as either a Star "leg" OR a Director "leg". When we hit Star, that counts for Allyson to hit Star Director. If we hit Director, it bumps Allyson up to Executive Director.

All of the volume (TQV) that we generate trickles up and counts for our leaders to hit their payrank goals. Hope this helps and if you have more questions please let me know!

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Have stylists on your team who have promotion goals?

Make sure they are using one of these handy trackers below!! I use one every month and it helps me to set pace and stay on target!

Thank you for all you to do lead your teams! XO

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