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"It's not just what students say that matters but how they communicate it. To succeed, students must take their knowledge and express it in the language of opportunity." - Doug Lemov from Teach Like a Champion

You Make a Difference!

You each inspire me. Your dedication and willingness to give beyond what you can imagine for students is a true testimony. May this week go well for all of you. Thank you for never giving up on your students. This video is for you!


2012-2013 Technology Survey Highlights

We are happy to share this year's technology survey highlights. Annually all Taylor ISD staff are asked to participate in this survey to help us assess the needs of the district and make plans for the future.

2012-2013 Technology Survey Highlights (Handout)
2012-2013 Technology Survey Highlights (Video)

Are You Integrating? Part VI

The sixth and final area for integrating Technology Applications is Technology Operations and Concepts. The student demonstrates a thorough understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations. Here are some resources and ideas that may be useful to you.

The student is expected to:

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See this site to learn more about your particular grade level TEKS for Technology Applications.

App Selection: Less is More!

I have shared many app suggestions over the last few months, but I believe many times, less is more. What do I mean by that? While using an excellent app to supplement and/or reinforce what you may teach "offline" can be great for specific lessons, finding what I call universal apps are best. More than anything, this will allow students to quickly master the tool and move on to what is most important.

Too often we focus on content apps for each of the subject areas. We must rethink our way of teaching with iPads. (iPad pedagogy) With thousands of educational apps on the market, it may be difficult to find the apps you may need. It is also very challenging to learn how to support students as they use each app.

Let us focus on apps that help our students consume, curate, and create using an iPad when timely and effective for learning. Here are a few of my top suggestions for apps that can be use in all subject areas and grade levels.

  1. Camera- Simply use the default camera app. Have students film a process, interview classmates, take pictures of their work, review books, create slideshows, record themselves perform or demonstrate, etc
  2. Educreations- Use this app as a teacher or student to demonstrate learning a concept. Either draw your own diagrams or import a picture or graphic. (Example: Fractions on a Number Line and Chart)
  3. Skitch- Create a doodle or instructional diagram for various projects using any pictures, maps, or screen captures from the Internet. (Available for iPad, Mac, and PC)
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