No Teacher Left Behind

Week 4. Discussion 1

Learning Opportunites

I believe that as a nation we should be coming together and finding new ways for teachers to stay updated on anything new that is happening. It is our job to teach these students to the best of our ability but we cannot do that if we do not have the support behind us. Teaching students subject matter from 5 years ago is not going to help with the here and now. There should be a yearly seminar that takes place all over the nation that updates all teachers on new techniques and strategies. If seminars are not possible in person than make an online seminar that is mandatory for all teachers to take before the new school year begins.

Certain Practices

I think that teachers should be using the same practice across the nation so all students are getting the same level of knowledge no matter the school they are at. Students at a private school shouldn't receive different practices all because they go to a more expensive school. It should be equal. Teachers should be able to put their own ways into the teaching to make it more their style but everyone should be trying to use the 21st century skills and the practices taught to them.


I think it would be a great thing if teachers had to take standards test to keep them refreshed on all up and coming standards. Each teacher should know the way students should be taught and what they should be taught. No one should be left out. The idea of the No Teacher Left Behind Act is so that everyone gets the same proper trainings as anyone else and no one is left behind confused and not getting it. I feel that teachers could be prepared a little better when trying to master the ISTE Standards but as of right now I believe it is done well.