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September 2013

Welcome New Designers from August!

Robin Yasurek
Kristin Dinge

Exciting New Products Coming!!!

check your back office for weekly Monday Updates and Webinars! Also don't forget on Thursdays there will be training webinars available which will be very helpful!!

New DIW..Be ready to soar!!!

Here is A little video Emily (our Senior Director) has prepared for you!

Welcome New Designers

Be prepared for the holidays!

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While the summer months have been rough on all Direct Sales companies, please don't get discouraged. Focus on the upcoming, filling your calendar, how does a debt free holiday season sound to you? Sounds pretty amazing to me!!!!
Having trouble booking your parties? Here is a Tip/Suggestion that I personally came up with myself: At the end of July, I had a "relaunch" party at my home it was a Ladies Wine, Cheese, Origami Owl party, I invited past customers, hostesses, new friends etc ( I mailed invites as well as invited through my fan page) My goal of this party was not to have HUGE sales (which honestly woulda been super) but to BOOK parties in the coming months to get me restarted. My sales from the party were only around $500.00 but... I booked 5 home parties, 2 catalog/online parties. I also did party games where I did an on time raffle, prize was a bottle of wine, those who showed up and placed $40.00/more order (or ordered online) got entered to win ALL the hostess HOOT LOOT, and I gave each ordering customer a wine glass charm to signify the event.
So in tough times, we as designers have to think "outside the box." But it does pay off!! Need help with ideas to try for your own "relaunch/launch" just let me know I would be glad to help!

Grow your team!!!

While having a team can be challenging, it is still possible!! Just think, everything you have learned you just help others learn, and be there as a mentor for them. The possibilities are endless! The nest posted this at convention in July!!! How great would it be to be making $$$$ for having a team and coaching them along the way!! Pretty rewarding!!

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August Incentive Winner And Booking Challenge Incentive

For The August Incentive: Every 500pv earned you received an entry, for every DIW you obtained you received two additional entries.
Congrats to I will get your business card holder to you ASAP!!!

For the Oct/Sept Booking Challenge:
For Every party booked in Sept & Oct, You receive a point, for every DIW obtained you received 2 Points.
Congrats to I will get your special surprise out to you asap!!!

September Incentive will be announced later on, so stay tuned!!!!

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contact me

If you need help, have questions, concerns, or need suggestions, please contact me by either method, Best way is usually via Text, I try to be pretty prompt in responding.
Quick reminder on office hours:

From 2:00pm-7:00pm EST M-Saturday (please note this is for phone calls, i will still answer messages as they appear on my phone)

Sunday's I am hoping to have family days I am sure all of you can appreciate that ;)

And as always if there is something URGENT outside of the calling hours, if I do not answer (due to sleeping) leave a message and I will get back to you that day! okies..