Friday Flash


Calendar Of Events

September 21-Leadership Breakfast

September 22- Team Spirit Shirts- uniform pants only-no jeans

September 25- No School/ Staff Development Day

September 26-29-Book Fair

September 26- Kinder, 1st, 4th, 5th Parent Night

September 29- Birthday Friday/$1 Jeans Day

From The Principal

Arrival and Dismissal

In the morning, please do not drop your student off from the road. This is a major safety hazard. It creates a traffic issue when a car unexpectedly stops in the road, which could result in a student getting hurt. We love our students and want them to stay safe. The City of Cedar Hill has asked that we remind parents that the neighborhood across from our school has no parking and No U turn signs on some of the streets. Please be mindful to the neighborhood signs.


The students have been doing great at getting to school on time. Remember, if your student has no early release, tardy, absences, he/she will get to participate in our Perfect Attendance Party at the end of the grading period.
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Happy Grandparent's Day

Thank you to our wonderful grandparents that were able to come eat with their grandchild Friday. The children love to see you and share their school with you. Thanks for joining us!

Counselor's Connection

Making Good Choices!

Parents encourage your children to make good choices throughout the day. Some methods to help us make wise decisions are:

- Think before you act

- Is your next choice going to help someone, or hurt someone?

- Think before you speak

- Are the words you saying hurtful, or are they encouraging?

From the Nurse

Keeping up with your child's food choices during the school year is very important! Proper nutrition can affect your child's energy throughout the school day and even impact his or her absorption of knowledge. For more nutritious tips check out