Want to run faster for less effort?

PFM Tune-Ups: revision for students of PFM Efficient Running

Cruise Intervals Tune-Up; your favourite run session - AGAIN!

PFM Tune-Up: Cruise Intervals

Thursday, Feb. 28th 2013 at 6:30-8pm

Meet at GR Communications, 24 Greville Street, Farringdon, London

£15pp. Max 12 runners.

Cruise Intervals Tune-Up

  • Revision & perfection of Default Drill, flowing into;
  • Revision & perfection of 'Power Off' running, easing into;
  • Fluid, flowing, easy, steady-state running en route to;
  • The Cruise Intervals Destination, where
  • The Best Run Training Session for improving fitness, running strength, aerobic capacity and 'Power On' sustainable speed over distance, will happen
  • Expect to cover 8-10 miles overall