Interesterfied Fats

Why They Should Be Used

What is interesterfied fat?

Interesterfied fats are the finished product of interesterification, which basically moves the fatty acids from one trigylceride molecule to another, allowing for whatever set up of molecules desired for benefits to consumers, and manufacturers

What do the Interesterified fats do? How Do They Benefit Food Manufacturers?

For the Food Manufacturers interesterified fats are beneficial because they give a longer shelf life to the items they are put into, items last way longer before going bad, and let the products withstand more before melting. Also Interesterified fats are very cost friendly.

How Interesterified Fats benefit consumers

The foods you consume with Interesterified Fats prevent lumpy consistency for a smoother taste and feel, you will get a better taste than from other fats, also helps keep foods from hardening.

Which foods contain interesterified fats?

Foods that have interesterified fats are, crackers, margarine, cookies , some candy, granola bars,shortening, etc.

Health Benefits of Using interesterified fats

The main reason it is beneficial to consume interesterified fats is that they are a better alternative to trans fats which are believed to contribute to heart disease,bone degeneration,and cancer. Harvard Researchers found that 30,000 deaths a year from coronary heart disease may have been helped along by trans fats.

Interesterified Fats Overall

In all Interesterified fats are very beneficial to both manufacturers and consumers because they;as multiple studies have shown increase shelf life in stores or at home, they withstand melting longer, give a smoother feel, are a great substitute for trans fats, they are fairly cheap to buy,and slows rancidification.