Anne Hutchinson

By N. Leal

Early Life

Anne Hutchinson was born in Alford, England in 1591. According to Anne Hutchinson by Elizabeth Raum, her father was a minister and her mother was a midwife. That means that she would help women during labor. Because her father was very religious, so was she, so that meant that her 12 siblings, parents, and her, all grew up strongly loving God. Although Anne was very interested in learning, she could not go to school because back in her days, girls were not allowed to. But that didn’t stop her from having a good education. Her father successfully taught her how to read and write.


Growing up, Anne helped her little siblings, and was taught how to care for and treat the hurt and sick people. Since she was experienced, Anne even helped her mom give birth to a baby. As she grew older, and her love for God strengthened, she began to have meetings. In the meetings she discussed God and religion. The meetings started small, but soon a lot of people came. According to Anne Hutchinson by Melina Mangal, she got married to a man named William Hutchinson on August 9th , of 1612. They soon had 15 children together.


Although Anne’s life was full of adventures, she also had some downs in life. Two of her daughters died of the Plague in 1630, but Anne still kept her faith in God and continued to hold her meetings. The court members didn’t want a lady to speak about God, so she went to court. Soon she got arrested, then expected to go into labor sometime after she got out of jail, which she stayed in for 4 months. According to Anne Hutchinson by Melina Mangal, she had a devastating miscarriage and was not able to have her 16th child. Her husband then passed away peacefully in 1642.


After her husband’s death in 1642, Anne moved away to New Netherland with her children. She was warned about the Indians when she got there, but she didn’t listen. As the people said would happen, and Indian tribe attacked Anne and her kids. According to Anne Hutchinson by Melina Mangal, Anne and most of her children were killed. Although Anne died in a gruesome manner, her death was honored. She died for her religion and rights. America definitely would not be the same without her brave acts and choices.