Raise your Voice: Education first!

Malala Yousafzai, United Nations and the power of Education

Into the story

It was 12 July 2013, there was a secretary general of United Nations, a former prime minister of UK, the president of the United Nations General Assembly, leaders, presidents, hundreds of people that spent their life to give voice to people which can not raise it in the name of their rights, and finally a girl, a girl who hides a memorable inner strength.

This is not the beginning of a joke, but it is the evolution of an amazing story which began in 2011 in Swat, Pakistan. The protagonist was Malala Yousafzai, who still is the most influent promoter of girls' education, that had a speech at the United Nations in front of the most important people of the world, raising her voice, almost screaming, with the strength of who for his right ideas, going upstream, was shot in the head, with the strength of who stood up stronger than before for shout more and more loudly.

Who better than Malala could hold a meeting in honour of human rights, non violence and education?

What did she want to say to us?

After this introduction it is not difficult understand how much strength flowed from the speech, but it is difficult try to translate all the emotions that aroused in a few lines, but anyway i will try to tell you all best i can.

This speech is about emotions like fear and courage, hopelessness and power putting education as the mightiest weapon with which you can change the world.

With a crescent power she affirms that education is the only solution, because in many countries, like talibans in Pakistani government, limit education because an ignorant population is much easier to govern.

So the prevalent desire is the wish of change this world, with our words, as she said:" One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world".

But there arise a problem: wars, conflicts and bad governments undermine the complete diffusion of education so Malala expressly asked peace and tolerance to everyone.

From the story of Malala, we can understand that education and formation are two of the most important things that matter for us, boys and girls.

So, now, take your pens and your books and go to study for the pleasure of knowledge; if you like it be proud of it and don't be ashamed, if you don't like it think about it and turn your thoughts to people and children like Malala which would like to be at your place; thus like the proverb says:" Count your blessings:"

Don't hate school, but love it in your own way!