June 5, 2015

Last Week of School!

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All Hands On Deck For Duty During the Last Week of School

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MacBook Collection Teacher Information

6th Grade Awards

Thursday, June 11th at 9:00 am

7th Grade Awards

Thursday, June 11th at 1:00 pm

8th Grade Awards

Friday, June 12th at 9:00 am

All Sports Banquet

June 8th at 6:00

From Brady Johnson: Need your input on the I-SS Mission and Vision

I-SS is revisiting our vision and mission for the district It's always important for us to be sure that our priorities and values reflect those of our parents, staff, students and communities. Please click here to answer 5 questions that should only take 5 minutes to complete before Friday, June 12th. We value your input to help make us a better school system. Thank you!

Monday, June 15th Is a Required Work Day.

6/16-18 Curriculum Review Week


Let's Share Activity Ideas For a Week Without Computers

Using Schoolnet Classrooms After Testing

If you’re struggling to keep your students who passed EOG engaged, while tending to the remedial needs of others, look no further. Use the instructional materials in Schoolnet to enrich classroom experiences those last few days of instruction. To locate these resources, follow the classrooms tab in Schoolnet to Instructional Materials. From here, you can assign students resources that will enrich and prepare them by searching through materials for the next grade level. If you need more instructional tools to support remediation after testing, you can strengthen grade level standards and improve weak skills by using Schoolnet Instructional Materials to provide remediation and practice. Students access Schoolnet the same way teachers do — through their PowerSchool login. Resources assigned to students will show up on their landing page when they login. Find a resource and assign the resource, so that students can view the resource. Simple. For more information, visit our website training materials page here. Then Assign resources to students, use lesson plans for enrichment and remediation after testing. And be sure to tell us about your experience. Email

Professional Development Opportunities

New Summer Opportunities—Facilitated Online Courses

Looking for high­ quality professional development and the opportunity to interact with peers? Summer is a great time to take online courses at your own pace. Below please find the list of facilitated online courses offered this summer.

Registration opens June 1 and courses start Monday, June 22.

  • Digital Literacy in the Classroom (7 weeks) 1.5 CEUs Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects: Part 1 (5 weeks) 0.5 CEU

  • Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects: Part 2 (7 weeks) 1.5 CEUs

  • Introduction to Data Literacy (5 weeks) 1 CEU Data

  • Literacy in Action (6 weeks) 1.5 CEU

  • Introduction to Universal Design for Learning (4 weeks) 1 CEU

  • Universal Design for Learning: Part 2 (4 weeks): 1 CEU

  • Connecting with our 21 st Century Learners (5 weeks) 1 CEU

  • North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards (6 weeks) 2 CEUs

  • Building and sustaining PD (6 weeks) 1 CEU

  • Responsibilities of the 21st Century Educator (7 weeks) 1.0 CEUs

For a full description of the courses and associated CEUs visit our website

These online courses are available at no cost ​to North Carolina educators and will be facilitated by the NCDPI professionals. Participants are expected to meet all weekly deadlines in order to receive CEUs. Partial credit will not be given. Registration is limited to 35 participants per section. ​To register, follow the instructions below to log into Home Base and self ­register for a course.

From Dr. Blattner

Set up "claim" your IAM account

Who: All staff that use HomeBase (If you have a UID you should do this, if not sure see instruction sheet for UID information)

Action: Set up "claim" your IAM account

Due: By June 15, 2015

The state is in the process of creating a "single sign-on" dashboard that will house all of your HomeBase items along with other digital resources that we will be able to add. Before you leave for summer, I will need for you to "claim" your new IAM account. It is a simple process and will take about 5 minutes. I have included in this email a video link to a how to video and a one page instruction guide. You will need to have your UID, your birth date, and the school system number which is 490. If you do not have your UID the one page instructions show you how to get that number.



  • Teachers with Mac devices that are wanting to upgrade to Yosemite may do so. Be sure to backup all of your files prior to the upgrade. Also, in this update it will upgrade your Numbers, Pages, and Keynote. This will require you to save it as a previous version of the program if you are going to send anything to students since they will not have the upgrade until next year. You are administrators of your computers, so you can use your Apple ID and your username and password to install the upgrade. If you are not comfortable with making the upgrade, backup your files and place a work order. We will make arrangements to pick it up upgrade it and get it back to you. We can usually get it back to you the same day depending on volume and time of day received.

  • There has been some confusion about teachers and adding software to the computer. Teachers are admins of their computers. If a teacher is wanting to add software to the computer. The teacher can use his/her work Apple ID and the his/her username and password to add software. Teachers are not required to use the filewave Kiosk to install software.

Summer Job Opportunity

Someone to lead fun math or reading activities at 4 Summer Camp sites once per week for Prime Time

Diana Eller, Director of Prime Time, is looking for someone to lead fun math or reading activities at her 4 Summer Camp sites once per week on Mon., Wed., or Fri.. She is looking for someone fun and motivated! Prime Time Summer Camps start June 15th and go through Aug. 14th (closed week of July 4th). The person chosen doesn’t necessarily have to work all 8 weeks of the camp. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Eller and she can discuss more information with you.
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What the Best North Carolina Teachers Do: A Video Series

Want an insight into the strategies and techniques that award ­winning North Carolina teachers use in their classrooms? The video series, “What the Best North Carolina Teachers Do,” provides you with these insights, straight from the teachers themselves! We asked district, regional and state Teachers of the Year about what makes them successful and their students soar. Among the topics addressed in the series are differentiation, classroom organization, hooking reluctant learners, advice for new teachers and more! To find out more about the project and view the interviews, participate in the mini­module through Home Base or visit the project website at If you are interested in sharing your best practices, please contact Educator Effectiveness Web Manager, Andrew Horne,

How to Be Both Assertive and Diplomatic

Crucial Skills: I want to be successful, but not if it means being a bully. I want to be nice, but not if it means being taken advantage of. Fortunately, these are Fool’s Choices—false dichotomies that only appear to be trade-offs. In reality, you can be successful without being a bully, and you can be nice without opening yourself up to exploitation. It’s a question of skills.”