Megan Tate :)

Life as a Newsie.

Hi, i'm Lewis, a newsie. Life as a newsie was pretty tough but hey, moneys money am I right? Anyways, my story? Here I go, my mom and pop died when I was real young, been living on my own ever since. I'm doing pretty good since you know, i'm a kid. Being a newsie isn't easy let me tell you, but its worth every penny. Sometimes you got to make up headlines that aren't really there just to sell. Anything interesting really, people eat it up. I know it sounds mean but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm pretty good at selling papers for as young as I am. There are a lot bigger then me out there but I manage. Sometimes, when the sales are low I pretend I don't have change so I can get a few extra cents. It usually works because people don't feel like putting up a fight much anymore. Being a newsies great and all, but it has its moments where I just want to stop because its just so tiring. Sleeping in the freezing cold is also a huge problem. But i'm not alone, I have great friends with me and I guess that evens it all out. Well, that's my story, see you later!