Logan Ostrus

What We Learned

What we did in agriculture is we mostly talked about what is in tractors today. The G.P.S. that can drive its self, we just have to turn it around, and unload. They also made it to were they match the speed of the harvester.

Wood Working

We did wood working and we made shelves. We learned about most of the tools. But I knew lots because my dad builds houses. We got to sand they they were quite smooth and it was lots of fun we could stain them but I chose to take mine home.

What We Learned

Why it is Important

It is important because we would not have as much food. If we did not raise cattle and sweet corn. We would not have alot of food. So if we did not have corn we would not have as much meat on cows so no meat for us. We also learned about if plants grew better in sun or dark. Mine grew better in the dark.