for sale 1870 stagecoach

asking $30.00


This Fancy stagecoach is in great condition.It is a great way of transportation.
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the disavantages of a stagecoach.

The disadvantages of having a stage coach is you have too stop and water the horses and feed them at night. You also have to stop and rest the horses ever 3 hours.You would have to rest them for a half hour if u run them lightly for 3 hours.

This stagecoach is proven to get you where you wanna go!!!!!


This stagecoach is the best in the west.

Advantages of having stagecoach.

A stage coach is a fast way of transportation.It is really cheap too. It is only 200 dollars for a 2800 mile journey.

Important people

John darlwin invented the stage coach on September 21, 1763.He invented the stage coach so he could transport people and goods to trails.