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Edition 3: January 8, 2016

Teacher Spotlight: James Wampler

James spent time with his 8th grade students this week setting personal and academic SMART goals. Students were given a copy of a Google doc via Google Classroom, and they worked to complete their goals with the SMART characteristics in mind. Then they took their goals and put dates in their Google calendars as points where they will reflect on their progress. This is a great model of how technology can support a great idea for the classroom.

This tied in nicely with the goal setting that is happening across the entire 8th grade. All of the 8th grade students worked one-on-one with an adult to look at KPREP scores, MAP scores, and class grades and set goals for this year's testing. They then wrote down strategies to use in class and before/after school to help them accomplish those goals.

Way to go James and the 8th grade team! (Check out the picture below from Mrs. Wilt's twitter feed of the 8th grade conferences in action.)

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Schoology can help you get organized

Are you struggling to manage the flow of files, paper, and assignments in your classroom? Do you wish there was an easy way for kids to access information from class after an absence or for remediation?

Look no further! Schoology can do that for you. If you haven't dipped your toe in the Schoology pool yet, think about using it as a means to organize all of the items that kids need. In a few clicks, you can post folders and files for your students. It's easy, I promise!

Check out the image below of Jeff Bracken's AP Human Geography course. At a glance I know exactly where to grab any information I might need. Well done. :)

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CERT Testing is Going Digital!

Next Tuesday will be our first attempt at administering a CERT test using the Chromebooks. More and more standardized tests are moving to online formats, so think of this an important career and college readiness experience for our students. Help them see the value in embracing this kind of testing, even if they are uncomfortable with the move to the digital environment. And give Kelly Helton lots of positive support as she leads us in this change!
j. powers mitosis

Screen Capture Student Thinking

This is a fun strategy to use as a formative assessment. Students use an image or animation on an assigned topic, recording their own audio explanation for the content over the images. The one shown above is from Melinda Turner's Biology class, where she shared an image with her students in a Google doc and they each recorded explanations of what it represents. Using Chrome extensions like Screencastify or SnagIt will allow students to capture the audio/video, and those programs automatically save directly to Google drive. Let me know if you want some help getting something like this started in your classroom.