Brian's Winter

Gary Paulsen

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This novel is about if Brian had not been rescued.

Brian has to survive by using his intelligence, his instincts, and a hatchet.

Brian has to confront is deadliest enemy, winter.

It is also about exploding trees and very mean wolfs.

He is in Alaska.

Brian in the Wilderness

He is in Alaskan wilderness with a cave shelter and L shaped lake.

Gary Paulsen

Born: May 17, 1939.

Education: Bemidji State University.

Awards: Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children Book Award, Regina Medal, Spur Award for Best Juvenile Fiction, Spur Award for Best Juvenile Nonfiction, Anne V. Zarrow Award for Young Readers Literature, Newbery Honor, and more.

Parents: Oscar Paulsen, Eunice H. Paulsen.

Wife: Ruth Wright Paulsen.

Movies: Snow Dogs, Nightjonh.

He has a connection with the book because he ran away from home and searched for adventure. Lived in the woods.He wrote it because after writing Hatchet and The River he got letters from fans saying they loved the book and a couple of them said what would of happened if Brian had not been rescued.


Brian Robinson- main character.

Dave- he saved Brian.

Family- Dave's family.

Related Info

Brian's winter is the book after Hatchet and The River but in this one Brian didn't get saved.


I liked the book cause it had great quality's of nature.