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Summer Programming at StoryArk

StoryArk Festival - What's your story? Tell it!

Join us August 1 at The Phipps Center for the Arts for a celebration of youth film, poetry, prose and podcast! The “StoryArk Festival: What’s Your Story? How Are You Going to Tell It?” will feature live podcast recordings, short film screenings, poetry slams and prose readings as produced and performed by middle school and high school students from around the St. Croix Valley. Leading up to the festival, StoryArk is offering workshops, classes and intensives in writing, film and podcast to support student storytelling. Join us as we nurture the creative spirit!

New this year: From Script to Screen - An advanced film class

StoryArk is partnering with Cutaway, Stillwater Area High School’s video production company, to offer a seven week film class. For two hours a week over the course of seven weeks, advanced high school film students will work with professional mentors from the film industry to create their own short films (narrative or documentary). The goal will be to produce a short film worthy of college reel or film festival. Films produced will be submitted to the StoryArk Festival Short Film Competition (with a $100 prize!) as juried by professional filmmakers. This is for the serious student passionate about pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Participation is by application only. Click on the link below for more information.

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Create your own collaborative web series!

Work with other students to write the script, act out the role and produce at least one episode of the video podcast series Shush! This opportunity will provide an exciting experience working on a filming set and taking a creative project from start to finish. Past episodes of Shush will be screened August 1 at the StoryArk Festival, and all episodes will be uploaded to the Shush! YouTube channel.

HUSH Jr: Develop a sci-fi podcast

The HUSH team has expanded to form a junior level especially for middle school students. Do you like to write? Act out a character? Create sound effects? Be a part of dreaming up a new universe of characters and story connected to, but independent of, the Edellen portal. An episode of HUSH Jr will be performed and recorded live at the StoryArk Festival on August 1.

HUSH - by invite only, but find out how to become involved!

HUSH is a sci-fi series written, performed and produced by students in grades eight through twelve and is aired on the radio podcast Voices in the Valley before being uploaded onto iTunes, Google Play Music and Stitcher. (The podcast has been downloaded over 13,000 times in the last year!)

Our goal with HUSH is to provide as professional an experience as possible to students. In addition to developing writing skills, students learn about industry standards and how to work on a creative team. This summer, the team will be writing and performing "The Hitchhiker's Guide to HUSH" at the StoryArk Festival. In addition, the team will complete the last episode of Season 2 and begin to develop Season 3. Interested? Let us know! Email steph@storyark.org for more information.

What's your story? How will you tell it? The Boom Site Creative Writing Intensive will empower your voice

Novel? Screenplay? Podcast? Graphic novel? Poetry? Song lyrics? Can't decide? Want to do them all? Join us the last two weeks of June for a summer writing intensive that explores all the possibilities with the goal of becoming published. Interested students will also have the opportunity to have their work represented in The Boom Site Literary Magazine and participate in prose readings and poetry slams at the StoryArk Festival taking place August 1. Customized for students in grades six through twelve.
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Brick by Brick: a Middle School Collaborative Writing Group

What’s your story? How are you going to tell it? Tell it brick by brick. Think of writing like building wall, one brick at a time and very soon, you will have something. Brick by Brick is a writing club for middle schoolers. We collaborate to tell a story brick by brick. We will meet weekly, for and hour or two at a time. We determine the meeting time and place. Ellen Eigner, the facilitator, is a guide only. The group will determine the subject matter and format. We will write a book together to be published upon its completion. If you like to write, if you like to collaborate with others, if you get excited about telling a story, you should really join us. (Tuition is $75, but financial assistance is available)

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The Boom Site Literary Magazine is the St. Croix Valley's first youth led literary publication, and is published two times a year digitally and once a year as a printed anthology. We aim to offer a safe space for students to submit their prose, poetry and visual arts creative endeavors to be enjoyed by fellow peers and community members.
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We empower student voices and equip young artists to succeed

StoryArk provides a variety of creative programming for youth, allowing them to tell their story through their chosen medium - whether that be a novel, poetry, film, song, podcast or anything else they can dream up. Student initiated and student led, each project is imagined, designed, and developed by youth. Professional authors, screenwriters, filmmakers, musicians, producers, directors and actors share their expertise and experience, helping students gain new skills in their craft and empowering them to become their best creative selves.

StoryArk is a 501c(3) tax exempt organization that seeks to serve the greater good.

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StoryArk is a 501(c)3 organization