The Future of the Classroom

Advantages to Having an iPad

An iPad might not seem like much but it is actually one of the most convenient items a person can have. It is lightweight and can be taken anywhere. Not to mention there are two different sizes to accommodate all: the mini and the regular. It is a more affordable alternative to getting a laptop. You can get many accessories to go with it including a keyboard for easier typing.

iPads in Education

Technology is quickly becoming an important part of education. By incorporating iPads into a student's education you are encouraging them to explore all of their possibilities and become the best student they can. Not only can you get textbooks on the device but there are also many education friendly applications that students can greatly benefit from. Here are a few schools that have incorporated iPads into their curriculum:

  • City and Regional Planning uses iPads with their College of Engineering students for use with projects.
  • San DIego Unified School District adds iPads into the curriculum for all ages starting at fifth and going all the way to High School.
  • Burris Elementary School uses iBooks on the iPad to create an interactive book for each student. This video about innovative education goes more in-depth into what Ball State is doing with these students and iPads.

Good For All Ages

Many different ages are becoming adapted to iPads. It is easy to use and it is not only used by adults but also by the younger generation. Children are growing up with them so it only makes sense to keep it in the curriculum because they are most likely going to be doing their homework on them. It is also good for the older generation because even though they did not grow up with this technology they can easily adapt to it because it is so user friendly.

Communication Tools

The iPad is very convienet when it comes to communication. Not only can it be used for skype and FaceTime but it is also a good tool for students or adults who have trouble communicating with others. There are many different apps that can be used for people who have special needs or children who are having trouble communicating with the people around them. This article from a parenting website gives the ten best apps for children with autism. It explains what the applications are and also gives a parent's review of it. People may not realize how valuable iPads can be for students with autism. In this CNN article you can read about a young girl who is having trouble with communication and it is a good example of how the iPad helps her. Take a look at this video about an adult with Autism and how he is able to communicate through the iPad.

Autism and the iPad; A Communication Breakthrough
This video is a good example of how students react to iPads in the classroom and you also get the opinion of the teacher.

Using iPads in Elementary Classrooms

Incorporating the iPad in the Classroom

Sometimes it is hard to see just how useful an iPad can be in the classroom. This video is a good example of how a teacher can use an iPad to enhance student learning. Take a look and see what the students have created.

How to Use iPads in the Classroom