The Industrial Revolution

Written By: Ahmari Henry

summary of industrial revolution

The industrial revolution took place during the 18th to 19th britan in the late 1700s people didnt work from home. so that caused less places for people to work and live so then poverty began. people had to start living in work houses.

child labor laws

child labor laws were created to protect children under age from working with heavy machinary. they moved the age up to fifteen. the children had to live in workhouses they were feed very little and were paid 3 to 4 dollars a week for working 30 hours a week. the people don't care about the children all they cared about was making money. Instead of going to school for 8 hours they work for 8 hours a day

Assembly line

the assembly line was created to produce more of something faster. each person has their own special job. If they don't do their job correctly the inspector will make them do it over until they get it right. the assembly line is very helpful.