Intermediate Staff Newsletter

For the Week of April 30, 2018

Dear Staff,

On Friday we had a reminder of the value a teacher or parent brings in a students life. If you missed seeing some of the gold and maroon graduation gowns walking through our building, we tried to highlight a few below. Whether you are part of senior select or just nearby to witness this moving moment, it's pretty neat to watch the impact we don't always realize we had. Teaching is hard. Kids are amazing and frustrating at the same time. But we must remember that every day, we have the chance to rise up and make a difference. We can't wait to celebrate the impact you have next week during Teacher Appreciation Week (see flier below) but first we must focus on the week ahead and our final days of testing. We've almost made it!

This week we have our final three days of regular testing and two days of makeup testing if needed. We'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Susie Norman and Lea Paulsen. They have been working like crazy to make up OST tests behind the scene. This has been huge in keeping the number of make-ups down. This was not something they were asked to do but took it upon themselves to get it down so we can get back to focusing on finishing the year strong. We know this has impacted teachers while they were pulled away, so a huge thank you to you as well for allowing the flexibility to help make this happen. Let's finish this week out strong with testing so we can get back to "normal" schedules and enjoy this last month of school with our students!

Thanks for all you do! Let's have a great week-

Katie, Kate and Barry

*Throughout the month of testing, we will include testing information (from last week's newsletter) at the bottom of our newsletters for quick and easy review.

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Shout Out to 5th Grade Choir!

Congratulations to NAIS 5th grade choir for an Excellent rating and receiving the Esprit de Corps Award! #EaglesRISE
Congratulations to NAIS 5th grade choir for an Excellent rating and receiving the Esprit de Corps Award! #EaglesRISE Way to go co-directors Linda Lichtman and Amy Cook for your hard work and dedication that made this possible!

News to Share

1. This is the final week of OTES. We are in the process of finishing up walk-throughs, post conferences, and pinning Student Growth Measures. Look for your feedback to be finalized in eTPES during the upcoming week. We will then work on Final Summative Ratings which are due by May 10.

2. Please be aware and pick up color copies printed to the Teacher Workroom. Last month there were 3000 copies ran, which cost $250. Many of these are left behind on the copier and do not always appear to be used. If you choose to print something in color for your classroom, please be sure it is being utilized. We want to continue to provide this resource, but do not want to be wasteful in spending. Thank you for all you do!

3. Reminder that Linkage/Roster Verification must be completed by May 8. If you need assistance with adding students/fixing rosters, please see these resources:

Step Sheet/Directions

FAQ sheet for Roster Verification

You can also contact Katie or Jess Mamais.

4. We received communication from a concerned parent this week, regarding staff departing campus against the traffic flow in the parent pick up loop area causing a back up and potential safety issue. We would ask that staff follow the same traffic flow at dismissal as parents to ensure safety and good flow as everyone tries to leave campus.

Week at a Glance

Announcements: Pledge Schedule- We will not do pledge on testing dates so that testing can start as soon as possible

Monday, April 30th- 4th Grade OST-Math Part 2-See schedule

Tuesday, May 1st- Specialists Team Meeting 8:30; 6th Grade OST-Math Part 1-See schedule

Wednesday, May 2nd- 5th and 6th Grade ELA Meetings; 4th Grade Team Meeting; Pre Alg. A Meeting 8:30; 6th Grade OST-Math Part 2-See schedule

Thursday, May 3rd- Science, Math 6, Math 5, Social Studies 6 Meetings 8:30; OST Make Ups; 6th Grade Orchestra Concert 7pm at the McCoy

Friday, May 4th- OST Make Ups; Food Truck Friday

OST Reminders (Repeat from Last Week)

1. Be sure to check this schedule daily. You'll want to match the date to the tab on the bottom. Double check that your special or lunch is not adjusted due to testing.

2. Please make sure that things are covered or taken off of the walls in your classroom if students can use something to help them on the test. When in doubt, take it down. Let us know if you have any questions.

3. Student teachers and extra adults in the room other than necessary staff need to leave the room during testing time. They could certainly help monitor hallways/common space areas and restrooms for noise level during testing.

4. All identified ELL students have extended time to complete their test

5. Testing tickets will be printed by homeroom classroom. Testing ticket's along with mints will be available the first day of testing in room 137. You will find an envelope with your name on it. Inside the envelope will be your testing tickets (by homeroom) and a bag of mints. This will be ready to go by 7:30 am on your first day of testing. It will be YOUR responsibility to keep your testing tickets until the final day of testing is completed. Teachers that are pulling students from a homeroom should plan to pick up their testing tickets from the students' homeroom teacher. If you lose a testing ticket or need them reprinted, please email Donna.

6. Review the Script and Test Administration Manual. The paper copy of the script will be delivered to your mailbox on Monday. If you are not a homeroom teacher, you can find additional copies by the copier in the office.

7. If you are giving the assessment, these two documents must be on file:

New Albany Testing Administrative Guidelines

New Albany Annual Notice

*You likely turned them in prior to our first round of MAP testing.

8. An email will be sent to you the morning of your test. This will contain any last minute information as well as links to everything you will need.

9. Make sure you have our phone numbers in your phone. Text or call with any issues that arise. Katie 614-746-3888, Kate 419-308-8364 or the office 3000 (they will radio us).

10. If you need a refresher or haven't reset your password see below: Recommended Test Administrator Certification Course (Recommended for all new teachers and anyone who needs a refresher). As promised here is a direct link to reset your TIDE password. Simply click the bottom red line of text in the sign in box and reset your password. **** You must reset your password each year, and must do this prior to administering testing.

Testing Accomodations and Information (Repeat from last week)

Many of our students receive testing accommodations for OST. If you have a student in Reading or Math Intervention with Angie, Michelle, or Amanda, those students will take their test in a small group. Angie and Amanda will be helping administer the test for Michelle while she is out on Maternity Leave. If you have students that are receiving an extra dose of test prep, they will take their test with the class. If you have a question about students that work with our T and L team, please see Kate.

Students that are on a 504 may have testing accommodations as well. It is the classroom teachers job to make sure that students receive the correct accommodation. While we've double checked our work, we could use your help by making sure your students on a 504 receive the correct accommodations for testing.

Students who are on an IEP may have testing accommodations as well. Their case manager's along with Jodie Faller and Amy Smith have determined how these students will be grouped.

Please also check the accommodations spreadsheet under the tab called Quillin ELL to look for ELL students who will be receiving small group testing and/or translator services.

It is very important that we ALL review documents regarding testing accommodations (including all 504's and IEP's ) just to make sure we have an appropriate plan prior to the first day of testing.