By: Goldy Badwal


Prejudice happens daily through out the world. We judge and exclude people from our life because of prejudice. Its a nasty way of living life but seems normal, we judge and act towards others by seeing them as different. Prejudice ties in to the book I am currently reading Chandas Secrets, which is about aids in Africa. In this book Chanda and her family live in Africa and any one with aids was seen as a sin and a disease. If a women was tested HIV positive they would be kicked out of the house and would never be allowed to see their family.You were seen as being "different."


1. pg 13

"There's nothing thing you cant do if you set your mind to it."

This quote really stands out to me because you may be rich but education should never be titled as price. Education is all done by being determined to achieve and learn new things and to try your best.This quote has a strong message, rich or not you could be smart and achieve in dream jobs as long as you set your mind to it. This quote was referred to Chanda because she dreams to become a doctor when she's older but her brothers dont think she is capable enough to do so because of their wealth.

2. pg. 34

"May her parents rest in peace, but i hope she burned their sheets and buried their dishes."

In this quote they are discriminating people that have diseases ,cancer or AIDS. They are discriminating against the sick and how they aren't good enough to be living and should be seen as different. When a women would have Aids they would kick her out of the house for her to deal with her own problem, and would not be supported by their family any more. This quote was directed to ethers parents because they had died because of an disease so no one would pay respect because they believed they had a "sin."

3. pg.92

Doctor Chilume went to Jong for medical training did he? Hah! he went to a pill convention hes no doctor hes a sales man . A liar trading on fears of diseases and deaths."

This quote is discriminating over the doctor because he helps patients with disease sp hes seen as a bad person because hes helping the people that should be "rotting" and shouldn't be loved and have a life.

Aids and health issues

Many deaths occur in Africa, where infectious disease remain the number one killer. The average African lifespan has fallen dramatically since 1980's.

the greatest killer has been (aids) ,acquired immune deficiency syndrome or human immunodeficiency virus, (HIV). Most Africans have been vulnerable to diseases due to poverty. African households also not afford the treatment so many just refuse to get tested. This information ties into the book I am reading the Chandas secrets because how Esther Chandas best friends parents died from aids, and the rest of the family was told to get tested but refused because they thinks its a sin not a disease. It also relates to the book because Jonah and Chandas mother died because of Aids they couldn't

afford treatment so they refused and died in the end do to Aids over taking the body.

AIDS By: Sudipta Bardhan

Any one can attract HIV,AIDs affects the poorest nations in the world more than developed nation like the united states. Experts estimated that fewr than one million people in the United States have HIV,or AIDS where as Africa has over 28 million people who are affected with it.Kaposis sarcoma , a cancer commonly seen as aids. This ties in to the book i read because Esthers her mother had Kaposis Sarcoma but they didn't tell it was Aids but told others it was cancer. They believe having someone with AID,HIV is a disgrace to the family so they told others that she had died from cancer.

Epidemics Deadly Disease through out history AIDS By: Holly Cefry

people claimed that god had put a curse on those that had HIV/AIDS that they were becoming sick from the lifestyle they live is a sin. HIV is a spread through blood seaman, vaginal screthons menstrual blood and breast milk. Ties into the book because Chadas mom and Jonah had HIV and it was passed on to Sarah when she was born. This is why sara died at the beginning of the book due to aids.
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