The Sheherazades

Building one shelter at a time...

What's the BIG DEAL?

Have you or a loved one ever experienced the traumatizing events of domestic abuse?

If so or if not, you can imagine how it can really take a toll on a woman’s life and scar them for life.

Women in Kabul, Afghanistan go this relentless abuse every single day with no way to fend themselves.

They are abused, raped, and even murdered by members of their own family!

We can be the voices for these women. We can protect them. We can prevent further harm from ever coming their way.


Who Are We?

In a mystical Arabian land far away

Lived a girl named Sheherazade who saved the day

There rule a prince in this land who liked to kill

Every girl he married, every night, until

He married Sheherazade who had to tell him stories

For a thousand and one nights to save herself from his quarries

The prince loved all the stories and soon fell in love with her

Thence, they lived together in peace where no tragedy would ever recur

Sheherazade inspired us not because she bettered the prince, though it was progress

It is because she saved a thousand and one other fortunate girls in the process