Guided Reading Basics

Getting a Start in Grades 1 & 2


Use the paper provided to draw a picture of yourself 10 years ago, and a picture of yourself today. Stick figures are completely appropriate! :)


Please take a minute to access the Edmodo site and look around. You can join the Edmodo group using code 5uh4nv.

The "why" behind guided reading...

Let's take a minute to think, talk and reflect on the why behind putting our effort into preparing guided reading for our students.

What it looks like...

The basic outline of a good lesson (found in Edmodo)

The roles of the student and teacher (found in Edmodo)

Can it change/is guided reading a static or fluid routine in the classroom?

Incorporating Comprehension - A KEY Piece to the Puzzle

Resources that can be used (found in Edmodo)

Mixing up genres for the benefit of students (Ideas found in Edmodo)

Making it fun

How can I make it do-able in my classroom?

The practical side of making it happen

Ways to keep groups moving

Making the data work for you & using it for LEAP and RtI referrals

Robin Thacker

Language Acquisition Specialist

Coyote Ridge Elementary