August 2015 Update

And we're off!

Thanks for your support!

Thank you for taking a moment to read about how God is working through the Baptist Student Ministry to reach the students on the campus of Sam Houston State University. Your support through prayer is invaluable to our ministry. Know that you are loved and I am praying for you by name.

God bless,


Looking Ahead - September Events

September has a couple of key events I'd love to have you pray for:

Sept. 2 - Kicking off our "Battle of the Sexes" campaign to raise $7,000 as a BSM to support Go Now Missionaries | Please pray for students to catch the vision and learn about sacrificial giving.

Sept. 6 - This is a personal one...but Chris & Claire say I do! I am so excited that my brother is finally getting to marry his beautiful fiancé, Claire. | Please pray with me for the Lord to bless and be the center of their marriage and grow them in Him as they embark on married life!

Sept. 11-12 - BSM Fall Retreat | Please pray for our speaker (Beau Beavers) to communicate effectively to the students how not to waste their college years; For the worship leaders; For the churches that will be coming out to connect with students; That relationships would be built/grown over the weekend; and for students to find a home here at the BSM

Sept. 28 - BSM Golf Tournament to help raise money for missions | Please pray for those who partner with us to be encouraged by the work God is doing through the BSM to reach the nations

Contact Info

I want to be praying for you! Please write, email, call, text, send a message in a bottle or a carrier pigeon, ANYTHING to let me know how I can be praying with and for you!