Life After Earth

Our time on Earth?

With ozone deterioration, global warming, and the possibility of a nuclear war our time on Earth is dwindling.

Our Top Options

Kapteyn B

We could go to Kapteyn B, but Kapteyn B is 13 light years away. It would take a ridiculously long time to get there. There is also not absolutely certain that we could live there.


We could just stay here and die.


We could go to our close neighbor and make it habitable.

To make Mars habitable we first have to ask what do we need to survive.

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Oxygen can be created by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. Another way to get oxygen is to melt Martian rocks (that have oxygen in them), which releases oxygen from the chemical formulas.
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Water can be extracted from Martian rocks. CO2 can be used as a solvent to extract the water. The water can also be evaporated out of the rocks. The final way to get water is to melt the ice located on Mars.


Food can be sent up to Mars. Lightweight, easily-stored freeze dried food can be sent up and prepared later. Seeds and soil can also be sent up to start a farm.
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Electricity is needed to keep everything running. Electricity can be generated from solar panels.
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Shelter is needed to keep humans safe from solar radiation and the extreme temperatures on Mars. All that is needed is a thick barrier. A thick layer of martian soil can be placed over a thin layer of metal/plastic that can easily be transported to Mars.