Community Newsletter:Making this our #BestYearYet 1.21.2018

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Red Hot January!

Learning is rocking at BCMS! We have so many awesome projects that scholars are working on in all of their classrooms. 8th grade Science is learning about types of waves. 7th grade ELA is working on text structures and types of texts, and 6th grade Social Studies is doing tons of work to learn why Quebec tried to sucede from Canada.

We have a busy week ahead this week with Kona Ice on Friday. Baseball tryouts begin Monday and Track call outs are also Monday. We will be preparing for a school-wide Kindness week in February as well as many projects that surround Black History Month.

We completed winter sports season last week as girls and boys basketball wrapped up, along with cheerleading. I am proud of our scholar athletes and their time and dedication to BCMS. The future is bright and exciting at BCMS! I am looking forward to an awesome spring sports season!

Please make sure that you are signed up for my REMIND, as well as the grade level REMINDS so you don't miss a beat! I have found some glitches with the REMIND and some parents have signed up for the one I use for teachers and staff. I have removed you from that REMIND, so please make sure you are still linked in to the one that is called BCMS Community. The link is at the bottom of this newsletter.

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Monday- #CelebrateMonday, Principal's Advisory Council, TRACK call-outs during WIN, Baseball Tryouts begin, Football weights

Tuesday- #TerrificTuesday, Baseball tryouts, football weights

Wednesday- #WinWednesday,fFootball weights

Thursday-#ThankfulThursday, Baseball Tryouts, football weights, Board Meeting

Friday- #FocusFriday, KONA ICE day, HAT day $1.00


Kindness Week in February

ALL School Field Trip: COMING Soon! Stay tuned for details!

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Positive AWEsome Calls HOME

At #BeBCMS we are starting a new trend! Positive Calls Home! Some of you may have received a positive referral call from your child from the main office! It has been my biggest pleasure as an educator to call you at home to tell you how ELITE your child is! I am thankful for an amazing group of teachers who have helped make this AWESOME dream a reality for our scholars at BCMS! Teachers can write a positive referral on any student. The student is then called down to the office where I meet with them and share the Positive referral. We then call home to let you know! It is definitely a highlight of my week! We have AMAZING scholars at #BeBCMS!
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Notes from Ms. Raeburn -

Let's Talk About GRADES!

In January, my notes section will focus on grading, specifically grading in the middle school!

What does the "standard" have to do with it?

In every single classroom at BCMS, you will see "Today's Standard" outlined for the scholars. It may look something like this:

(7th grade)

Cite several pieces of textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text."

Scholars will be working on mastery of that standard by completing instruction and performance based tasks in class. That is where the "grade" comes into play. Now, at BCMS, you can REDO-RETEST at any time, any assignment for grade improvement. We know that WHEN a student learns something varies and since our goal is for our students to LEARN the standard, it doesn't matter when....only matters that they do!

All teaching and learning needs to be aligned with our state standards. Everything that we do in our classrooms will be standards based and on grade level. Because we know that all student's are performing at different levels, our teachers create instruction that is designed to meet the individual needs of each learner.

Our grade books are "rolling". That means they don't ever "finalize" or cut - off. Please be proactive and check your child's PowerSchool on a regular basis. If you do not have access to PowerSchool, please call us and we can send you grade reports home. Your child's teacher will also be the best contact to get specifics about grades.

We will be doing a grade book audit (Safety Net) on January 31st to make sure we are supporting the success of all scholars!

Other notes:

As we begin second semester, I am ExExExCited to continue our Community "You Make A Difference" form! If there is a grown-up at BCMS who has made a significant difference in your child's life and/or middle school experience, I want to know about it! Pleae take a few minutes to share that on the form. We truly have ELITE teachers at BCMS! There is no profession like teaching! The impact, influence, and change that we have in the schoolhouse and classrooms everyday is life changing! I am proud to work along side such dynamic and dedicated professionals who truly are here to grow scholars!

The form is below! Please take a minute to fill it out and recognize an adult who has positively impacted your child!

Thank you for being proactive and for supporting our school and our passion work! I am proud to be your principal and would love to hear from you! If you have a concern or a comment, please do not hesitate to email or call me: eraeburn@bryan.k12.ga.us or 912-626-5050 or 912.255.0630.

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Whatever I Need! WIN time

The #OneWords are in and teams are using them into their everyday teaching practices! We will continue to integrate the goals of our One Word project throughout second semester. In February , we will have a Make and Take it night with our #OneWords.

The next time you are on campus, take a look at our new bulletin boards and hallways that feature the #OneWord projects!

Monday- Goal setting and Grade Checking- Goals are set based on Reading RIT MAP scores

Tuesday- Enrichment and Remediation Rotations begin!

Wednesday- Enrichment/Remediation

Thursday- Enrichment/Remediation

Friday- Clubs !

Please send in your BOX TOPS! 6th grade is in the LEAD!

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Tribe Shop- OPEN!

Our TRIBE shop is OPEN!

Check out the ELITE Bryan County gear that will be on sale! All money raised will go to our Clubs! We will have the cutest and hottest gear in North Bryan! Check us out! Also, our front office is getting a make-over! I can't wait for you to see the new, warm, and welcoming front office of #BeBCMS

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Coming Soon.....a new BCMS mural design all school contest! Stay tuned!

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Ms. Liz Raeburn, Proud Principal, Bryan County Middle School

Mr. Keith Wright, Assistant Principal and Director of Athletics

Mr. Abram Scott, Assistant Principal