"Imperfect Foods" ):

Save your food don't waste it!!! By: Melissa Hernandez (:

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Giving the "unperfect" food to the streets.

We can put the food that farmers throw away because its doesn't meet the requirements of the super market in a bin and put it in the streets for people. For people who are in a rush and didn't eat, or people who don't have food like homeless people.

What are the benefits of eating imperfect food?

  1. Its less work for farmers because they don't have to worry about plowing the imperfect and wasting their time.
  2. The markets will lower the price because its different than other foods.
  3. You get more food because the food might have extra or bigger so you get more food.
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Ideas (;

  • Don't buy a lot of food if your not gonna finish it. YOUR WASTING YOUR MONEY!!!!!
  • Make a community composting bin and put all the food that you didn't finish and put in the streets for other people.
  • Donate to a food bank.
  • Donate to a school who need the food.