Global Warming

Is climate change occuring?


Since the late 19th century scientists have found that the earths temperature has become warmer. The polar ice caps have been melting and the green house gas percentage has been rising. Many scientists believe that global warming is the cause, however others believe that the burning of fossil fuels have been rising the temperature of the earth. Global warming has become a debatable issue since the beginning of this century.

Yes, climate change is occuring...

* 98% of scientists that have been studying climate change agree that the Earth's atmosphere has been warming up because of green house gases.

* The United Nations climate scientists made a goal to control the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 450 parts per million. The global temperature would rise no more than 3.6 degrees fahrenheit above preindustrial levels.

* By the end of the century sea levels will rise, drought will occur, and millions of humans will have to move away from there current homes. Unless, humans adapt to the rising temperature.

* Since the weather has been getting warmer, Cuba's plants have been dying because they can not adapt quick enough to the change. Green house gas (also known as carbon dioxide) has been warming the earth. Now that there is so much of it, plants are having a harder time converting the gas into oxygen.

* Winters all around the world have been getting warmer. The frozen locations on earth have been slowly melting and vegetation has been dying.

No, climate change is not occuring...

* The earth's temperature has risen before and then dropped occurring in an ice age. Some scientists believe that this event will happen again.

* Scientists discovered giant coral and have began studying them. Coral is able to record the temperature around them in their skeleton. Scientists have found that many corals show that there are no warming trends recorded.

* Climate change is not occurring right at this moment, but if it were than it wouldn't be our fault. Some scientists believe that climate change is resulting from acts of nature.

* The president is trying to reduce the amount of U.S. carbon emissions in the air just to be safe so climate change doesn't exceed it's limits.

* The U.S. is less likely to have increased temperatures compared to China. China has a lot of industrialism and carbon dioxide in the air.

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