Fall Creek Weekly Update- Aug. 8th

"Where learning takes flight!"

New Covid Protocols and Learning Management Systems

Tomorrow when we meet I will share some updates that I received yesterday in regards to our District Covid Protocols. Based on what I am seeing, it will be in our best interests to get our Learning Management Systems up and running as soon as possible so students and parents are familiar. I would like the entire grade level to use the same LMS (ex. all of 5th will use Google Classroom or all of Kinder will use Seesaw). Please have conversations and be ready to tell me what LMS your grade level will be using when we meet in the morning!

FCE Back to School Procedures

This FCE Back to School Procedures document was shared with parents in our newsletter this week. Please look over it and be familiar with the information so you can answer questions parents may have. Mrs. Trimble is working on getting our website updated with the correct information too!

FCE Dismissal Google Form

Please fill out the FCE Dismissal Google Form for each of your students so we can add the information to the Student Tab on the Digital Dismissal Link.
FCE Master Schedule

Please make sure you have added your individual schedules on your grade level tab by the end of the day Monday (8/9).

FCE Lunch Expectations/Maps/Schedules

We made some adjustments to the Lunch Schedule with table numbers and added lunch lines. It is now in the folder with the cafeteria expectations and the table map. We will be going over this tomorrow morning, but bring your questions!

PLC Rotation

We will send a calendar notice for your grade level so you know what day you will have PLC. We are doing a three day rotation (T, W, Th) so grade level teacher will have PLC once every two weeks during that PLC time. Specials and Special Ed will rotate PLC every other Friday. We will utilize our Monday PLC time to meet with our Leadership Team and our Instructional Support Team. Stay tuned and accept the google calendar invite when it comes your way!

PTO Staff Representative

Our New PTO Staff Representative with will Katherine Martinez. Thank you Katherine for volunteering!

Staffing Update as of August 8th

-We will be interviewing tomorrow to fill our Office Para position

-Kim Guel has the opportunity for a promotion with Conroe ISD and will be accepting the position. Her last day with us will be August. 20th. Kim you will be missed!!!

FCE Campus Schedules

Here is a link to the Campus Schedules folder on the Staff Common Drive where you will find the AM and PM Duty Schedules and Maps, as well as the Specials Schedule/Rotations.

White Containers for Wipes

Our custodial team will be refilling your white containers throughout the year. Please put them out in your room where they can see them so they can fill them up. If you ever need a refill please email Ms. Birdie and put them out where they can be seen.