The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle

What Happens?

First radiation from the sun causes water from the earth (Hydrosphere) to warm up and change from a liquid to a gas. This is called evaporation. The sun's heat also heats up the air near earths surface. This is called conduction. After that Cooler air pushes warmer air upward. This is called convection.

Then after the water turns into a gas the water vapor cools and changes back into a liquid. This is called condensation. Because of that clouds form high up in the sky, and since clouds are made of water vapor when to much water vapor is in a cloud the water vapor will come down as water. This is called precipitation.

When the water comes down it usually gets drained into nearby rivers/lakes or goes underground. This is called runoff.

When water goes into lakes/rivers that is the Hydrosphere. If it goes underground that is the Lithosphere. These two together make the Geosphere. These are all inside the Atmosphere.

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